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Inclusive Workplace

Management Approach

International System Certification

The comprehensive OSH management mechanism is constructed on the spirit of self-management and systematic conduct. In this regard, we actively implement OHSAS 18001 management system in each plant, and realize the spirit of PDCA continuous improvement through e-management interfaces to improve system efficiency.

Occupational Safety and Health Management

Creating a good, safe, healthy, and comfortable workplace is Unimicron’s philosophy when implementing OSH. We consistently invest in relevant resources to promote and conduct various measures and actions. We also continue to improve our management systems in response to the concerns of competent authorities, customers, and employees toward OSH, and actively share our management practices and results with the industry to implement the shared value of OSH. Unimicron won the 2020 National Occupational Safety and Health Award issued by the Ministry of Labor and Executive President Chia Pin Lee received the award on behalf of the Company.

All OSH management personnel in each of Unimicron’s plants are full-time permanent personnel, and all plants in Taiwan have established OSH management units and personnel in compliance with “Occupational Safety and Health Act” and relevant regulations; the person in charge of each workplace and supervisors at all levels will direct and supervise the implementation of safety and health management matters according to their responsibilities and powers following the work items planned by the OSH management unit, and coordinate and guide the relevant personnel to implement. All workers in the Company perform related matters following the OSH management standards. The operational scope of Unimicron’s OSH Management System includes production, non-production sites, areas, equipment, and routine and non-routine operation activities in the operation area under the jurisdiction of the Company. It also includes all activities involving off-site units entering the Company’s plants and workplace; facilities and equipment provided by off-site units and operated in the Company; and all activities involving contractors (including catering suppliers and raw material suppliers) entering the jurisdiction of the Company to engage in operational activities.

All personnel responsible for the Identification of OSH Hazard and Risk Assessment have taken OSH System training and have passed assessments. When any work activity changes or if abnormalities occur, they should be able to re-execute hazard identification and risk assessments. If risk assessment is classified as an unacceptable OSH risk (major/high risk) with major negative impacts, there will be an improvement plan based on elimination, replacement, engineering improvement, administrative management, and personal protective equipment to seek the best method of risk reduction and perform continuous improvement.

OSH Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Operation Process

All employees of the Company are expected to comply with the standards set by the results from the hazard identification and risk assessment process. According to the “Occupational Safety and Health Act”, the Company shall protect workers from revenge that may affect their right to work or promotion during their employment, or protect them from being discriminated against if they report or notify incidents, hazards, risks, or opportunities; leave work conditions that are likely to cause harm or disease; or report hazards or dangerous situations to worker representatives, employers, or regulatory authorities.

Unimicron has established the OSH Committee and regularly holds committee meetings in plants in Taiwan and Mainland China. Both employer and employees participate in meetings, which involve the requirements of the “Occupational Safety and Health Act” such as communication, participation, consultation, and related matters. The ratio of the labor representatives in the committee is superior to regulatory requirements in Taiwan, with an average ratio of 58%. The ratio of the labor representatives in plants in Mainland China also reached 51%, showing how much we value employees’ opinions and participation.

Proportion of Labor Representatives

To avoid work-related incidents, Unimicron continues to implement high-risk work safety assessment and safety observation and evaluation in all plants, strengthen occupational incident prevention and improvement projects, and educate and strengthen employees' awareness of self-safety. There are 64 types of specific hazardous workplaces, including noise, ionizing radiation, manganese, lead, nickel and fine dust in Unimicron’s plants in Taiwan and Mainland China, and regular specific workplace health checks are carried out every year.

There were no severe occupational injuries in Unimicron in 2020. The disability severity rate (SR) in Taiwan increased by 183% compared with 2019, due to employee's fall that needs a long time to recover. The disabling frequency rate (FR) increased by 33% compared with 2019, the main reason for the increase was that employees’ insufficient safety culture awareness has caused many minor injuries. According to analysis, there were 46 cases of Taiwanese plant workers who asked for more than one day of leave due to work injuries. The main types of incidents were 12 cases (26%) of crush injuries, 8 cases (17%) of falls/slips/trips, 5 cases (11%) of injuries due to impacts, and 4 cases (9%) of chemical contact injuries in 2020. Regarding the overall prevention of injuries, we will continue to promote safety culture and proactive safety protection for all employees every year during Safety and Environment Month, and implement a six-hour OSH retraining course for injured employees, who must pass tests and assessments.

The Group’s Work Injury

In 2020, Unimicron had a recordable number of occupational injuries (including work-related injuries, Merbromin, and false alarms) totaling 10,766 cases. This information is based on the severity and frequency of occupational disasters. The OSH of the accidents will be improved and placed under performance review in order of occurrence.

2020 The Group’s Recordable Occupational Injury Statistics

Unimicron has established a notification, investigation, and improvement process for occupational incidents in accordance with the Occupational Safety Management System. The incident investigation shall include the hazard identification, risk assessment of the incident operation process, and the improvement measures needed for the OSH Management.

To cultivate OSH culture in the workplace, Unimicron encourages all employees to actively participate in the sustainable activities of OSH. Unimicron has one OSH officer in each plant and each unit, with an average of one OSH officer per 56 employees. There were 535 OSH officers in Taiwan Facilities and Mainland China Facilities in 2020, showing how much we value our OSH culture. To put the culture into practice, OSH officers convene monthly meetings to carry out bilateral communication, promotion and counseling, and helps promote various OSH activities to strengthen employees’ awareness towards OSH.

Each year we set the annual OSH education and training plans for employees (including contractors). Apart from physical courses, we also provide relevant courses on the e-learning platform, enabling employees to study online at the Unimicron E-College. In addition, to prevent all types of emergency, each plant and unit shall implement emergency drills for disasters such as fire, chemical disaster, occupational disaster, fire safety, and natural disaster (e.g., earthquake and flood) each year, to enhance all staff’s emergency response capability and ensure the stability of operations.

Contractors’ OSH Training

Health Promotion

Unimicron established the "Health Management Center" in 2014 in Taiwan, with the concept that prevention is more important than treatment. Through various health promotion activities and services, it cares for the physical and mental health of each employee and creates a friendly workplace where safe and happy work is done. Since its establishment, we have 19 full-time nurses and it has provided a total of 416,778 services, taking full care of employees' health issues in the workplace and non-workplaces, and protecting their physical and mental health.

Unimicron Health Management Center

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