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Solid Corporate Governance

Materiality Analysis

To achieve effective communication between the report and stakeholders and reflect the impact of the operation process on the economy, environment and society, Unimicron establishes a systematic analysis framework based on six major steps and decides on the materiality issues, boundaries of data collection, and stakeholders of the 2020 esg report. At the same time, it establishes a risk management mechanism for major issues and builds the Company's operational resilience and sustainable value to meet the expectations of stakeholders on Unimicron.

Major Issues and Impact Boundaries

Stakeholder Communication

Impact Assessment of Major Issues and Risk Assessment

Unimicron hopes that the promotion of corporate social responsibility will not only have an impact on society, but will also have positive impacts on the Company’s revenue, innovation, operational risks, customer satisfaction, and employee cohesion. Therefore, we identify the impacts of each major issue on Unimicron’s operations individually, so that we have a clear understanding of how we can promote corporate social responsibility and how it is linked to our business objectives. Sustainable development can be incorporated as part of decision-making, as we gradually move towards a sustainable future.

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