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EHS Month

Unimicron’s EHS Month

Unimicron always puts safety first. Since 2004, we have held the Environment, Health, Safety Month (EHS Month) event in the third quarter of each year. The CEO attends the opening and closing ceremonies, with participation from Taiwan Facilities and Mainland China Facilities. It is hoped that the high-level management’s declaration and attention to safety shall promote all employees to value and care for the OSH in the workplace.




New safety thought

Saving resources, preserve nature

New health life


Occupational Safety Cooperation

Water and Environment Conservation

Sustainable Health Care


Occupational Safety Concern

Saving energy and resource

Epidemic prevention

EHS Month Execution Results

2021 Theme



• Engaging in health management measures that focus on four areas (ergonomics, maternity, overwork, and workplace abuse), showcasing results of the company’s care for employee health, and optimizing the work environment for a healthy and safe workplace.
• Promotion of epidemic prevention mechanism (planning, response, care)

• Promote various activities proverbially, and present the results of the activities fully.
• Diversified health promotion activities, and epidemic prevention management methods are very creative.
• The health management plan is implemented in combination with VOC, and the activities are diversified.
• The epidemic prevention mechanism and emergency response plan are complete.
• Committed to improving ergonomics and providing mental health care to employees to enhance workplace comfort.


• For hurt, fire, chemical and traffic accidents, performance demonstration of preventive management implementation and improvement results.
• Safety activities in facilities.

• Use the project method to correspond to accident prevention management, and clearly show the results.
• Use animation and multimedia methods to promote occupational safety messages and deepen the impression of employees.
• The improvement of accident and disaster prevention is extended to all units in the facilities.
• Create high-risk traffic maps to remind employees to be more careful.
• Introduce AGV for facilities handling to reduce the risk of harm caused by manual handling.
• Review and improve the fire detection mechanism.
• Establish a fire alarm response system and implement functions such as no-reminder drills and timely reporting of responsibility areas.


• Reducing the consumption of energy resources and setting management targets, formulating countermeasures, and showcasing results.
• Setting targets and showing the results of environmental knowledge promotion.

• Actively expand the source to save energy and reduce waste. Improve materials and reduce waste generation.
• To reduce waste, carry out new product process improvement and process improvement.
• Cooperate with the government's green living activities and implement the environmental green concept to employees' families. Continue to participate in community environmental protection.
• The event design is lively and creative, and actively introduce E-system management measures.
• Secondary reuse of filter reduces purchase, disposal and transportation costs.
• Concentrate and reduce the amount of liquid waste to reduce the cost of outsourced cleaning and transportation.
• The introduction of green energy to reduce carbon emissions follows the general direction of the policy.
• Water resource management has passed the government certification and won the Hubei Provincial Water Saving Enterprise Certification.
• The concept of recycling and reuse extends to companies, such as packaging materials and thermometers.

2021 EHS Month’s Evaluation Excellent Division


Taiwan Facilities

Mainland China Facilities


Indirect Unit

The High Distinction Award

Hsinfeng III Plant

Carrier SBU (EOP)

Unimicron (Suzhou)

The Excellence Award

Luzhu II Plant, Hejiang II Plant and Shanying Plant

Material Management Divison

Unimicron (Huangshi)

The Honorable Mention Award

Precision S2 Plant and Luzhu III Plant



Active Participation in External Engagement and Experience Sharing

In terms of OSH management, besides our strict internal management, Unimicron also actively participates in OSH activities of external, private organizations, hoping to contribute to the promotion of OSH in the industry. Unimicron is mainly involved in TPCA and the North District Promotion Association of the TOSHMS, and volunteers for the occupational safety counseling organized by the OSH Administration, Ministry of Labor.

Since 2013, Unimicron serves as the convener of the OSH Committee of the TPCA to assist in relevant guidance, as well as discussion and implementation of relevant plans or projects of the PCB industry. In 2021, Unimicron assisted the North District Promotion Association of the TOSHMS to compile the "Enterprise Epidemic Prevention Management Case Manual II", and assisted in project execution, observation and learning activities, etc. In the same year, the Company continued to serve as the promotion officer of the North District Promotion Association of TOSHMS to promote and improve the excellence of the industry’s OSH culture through experience sharing and exchange.

To improve the domestic occupational safety standards and assist the public sector to promote OSH, since 2015, Unimicron has continued to participate in the SME Counseling Volunteer Program of the OSH Administration, Ministry of Labor, to assist the improvement of on-site OSH (including chemical management) and the upgrade of the OSH management systems in small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2021, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor’s guidance of the SMEs to assist small and medium-sized enterprises to establish occupational safety and health management systems for a total of 4 sessions. By the end of 2021, Unimicron had invested a total of 17 people in the volunteer counseling project and assisted in 89 counseling visits.


Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA)

North District Promotion Association of the TOSHMS

• 3 Safety Working Group and Environmental Safety Committee Meeting
• 6 sessions of government seminars
• 3 sessions of PCB equipment safety standards
• 1 session of OSHA's Industrial Safety Achievement Presentation

• 2 officer meetings
• 3 educational research and observation
• 2 sessions of case manual compilation

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