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ESG Committee

ESG Committee

Unimicron is committed to practice in corporate social responsibility. We have set up the “ESG Committee” (Name change in 2022) and established a dedicated unit, the ESG Office. It has 3 dedicated staff responsible for planning, coordinating, and communicating the operations of the functional committees under the “ESG Committee” and ESG-related audits.

The Chairman of the Board and the presidents of the subsidiaries serve as supervising advisors of the “ESG Committee,” and the unit heads are responsible for the operation of the five subordinate functional committees. The members of each functional committee are the department representatives of all the operating units of the Company, and are responsible for confirming the management guidelines and implementation of ESG issues. To ensure the full implementation of sustainability focuses and commitments, we conduct a validation analysis of the overall strategy, direction, and objectives through semi-annual regular review meetings, and propose review and improvement measures for the unachieved project items. The Committee is also responsible for reviewing the content of the annual report and approved by the Chairman of the Board. In 2021, we held three committee meetings to identify sustainability-related issues, set sustainability goals and review the results of management. We have also strengthened the participation of the Board of Directors in the sustainability management mechanism and decision-making. In August 2017, the Board of Directors decided to officially include the final report of the ESG Committee in the Board meeting agenda for the first quarter of each year, as to review the results of the previous year.

Organizational Chart of ESG Committee

ESG Committee Chairman Tzyy-Jang Tseng & Senior Management Director-General Executive President Chia Pin Lee Executive Director ESG Team Manager Corporate Governance Subcommittee Investor Relations Information Security Management Employee & Social Relationship Subcommittee Employee Relationship Community Relationship Occupational Safety and Health Subcommittee Employee Health Occupational Safety Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Subcommittee Green Environment Energy Resource Management Supply Chain Management Subcommittee Customer Relationship Green Products Supplier Management Implementers from all teams of overseas plants

Overseas ESG Committee of Unimicron Group

Overseas ESG Committee Executive President & Senior Management Director-General Executive President Chia Pin Lee Carrier SBU PCB I SBU Unimicron (Shenzhen) Vice President Unimicron-FPC (Kunshan) Plant Director Unimicron (Kunshan) President Unimicron (Huangshi) Plant Director Unimicron (Suzhou) Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director Unimicron Japan Executive Secretary Unimicron Germany Executive Secretary
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