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ESG Committee

ESG Committee

Unimicron is committed to practice in corporate social responsibility. We established the Corporate Sustainability Committee, which was renamed the ESG Committee in 2022, as a functional committee under the Board of Directors. The ESG Committee is composed of the Chairperson, Executive President, and SBU President. There are five sub-committees, including the Corporate Governance Subcommittee, the Employee and Social Relationship Subcommittee, the Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Subcommittee, the Occupational Safety and Health Subcommittee, and the Supply Chain Management Subcommittee, which set strategies, goals, plans, and regular reviews the performance of their implementation. We also have a Corporate Sustainability Team, which is responsible for communicating and coordinating with the subcommittees, publishing ESG Reports, and conducting ESG-related audits.

To ensure compliance with the ESG Theme and commitments, the ESG Committee reviews the overall ESG strategy, actions, and goals through regular once every six months and unscheduled meetings, and proposes improvement measures for those items that do not meet the goals to ensure that the ESG strategy is implemented in daily operations. The ESG Committee reports to the Board of Directors at least once a year on the results of planning and performance and is reviewed and guided by the Board of Directors. In 2022, The ESG Committee held four meetings to set sustainability goals and review their implementation, it also, reported to the Board of Directors on ESG-related issues, results, and priorities in the future, for four meetings.

Unimicron ESG Committee

Deepening the ESG Concept for Employees to Foster Sustainable Talent

In order to practice ESG, Unimicron not only lists the promotion of ESG as a short-, medium- and long-term business policies, but also regards sustainable talents as an important part of the Company's future core competitiveness; in order to improve the ESG knowledge of senior executives and employees, the concept of sustainability is integrated into its primary business. In 2022, the Company will promote reading clubs for senior executives and sustainability-related courses, with a total of 13,451 participants and 13,569 hours of class hours, to foster sustainable competitiveness.

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