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Solid Corporate Governance

Business Continuity and Risk Management

In response to several risks that may influence operation, “Uinimicron established Business Continuity Management and Risk Management Committee” in 2021, which in charge of relevant integration, planning, assessment, and mitigation plan with the resource from Unimicron Group to cut down or reduce the impact of unexpectedly serious situations and speed up recovery to normal operation. The main duties involved:

Unimicron Committee of Disease Control

To avoid losses caused by risks, Unimicron carries various insurances (such as property insurance, operation interruption insurance, installation engineering insurance, marine insurance, fire insurance, etc.) to ensure that when a risk occurs, Unimicron still has enough capability and resources to carry out the follow-up business recovery matters, and indeed take up the commitments to customers. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Unimicron has operating bases all over the world, and immediately established an internal cross-departmental command center, composed of six major units to perform epidemic prevention work according to their powers and responsibilities. In the command center, the deputy CEO serves as the commander, and the Assistant General Manager serves as the executive secretary. The command center is responsible for gathering epidemic prevention information, grasping supplier information, and holding weekly review meetings to grasp the status of each operating base, reduce operational risks, and ensure operations without interruption, and at the same time provides the information required by employees and customers at each base to protect the rights and interests of internal and external stakeholders. Unimicron has set up the " Guidelines for Unimicron COVID-19 Prevention Plan ", which developed contingency plans such as visitor entry, route planning, office area, and emergency response to confirm medical treatment. We also set up Uni life APP so that employees can quickly access government epidemic prevention news, epidemic prevention knowledge, internal epidemic prevention announcements, abnormal temperature notification process, and can conveniently fill out health declarations and monitor body temperature twice a day, to strengthen the epidemic prevention energy of all employees.

Unimicron Committee of Disease Control (UCDC)

Risk Incident Response

There were three fire incidents in the Company recently. Among them, the fire incidents at Mainland Plant on September 7, 2020 and the Taiwan Facility on February 4, 2021 were both caused by improper construction fire control. The fire at the Taiwan Facility on October 28, 2020 investigated by the competent authorities was likely caused by a problem with the exhaust system of the manufacturing process. For these three fire incidents, the Company has proposed improvement measures for the fire prevention and personnel response of the plant, and will regularly track and review the progress of the improvements. The strengthened fire-related risk control mechanisms include:

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