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Wonderful Society

Management Approach

Pillars of Charity

Responding to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Unimicron adheres to the principle of "taking from society and giving back to society," with long-term investment, combining internal and external resources of the group and cooperating with stakeholders, to actively promote the three main social welfare pillars of local participation, caring for the disadvantaged, and diversity and equality. The Company hopes to exert positive social influence, drive continuous progress of the society, bring warmth to more people, and exert more positive influence.

Social Investments

As a member of the global corporate citizens, Unimicron also pursues fulfilling its responsibilities and actively cares for society and contributes while engaging in business operations. Through the spirit of caring and giving back to society, the Company organizes and participates in many activities, puts in resources, provides diverse and equal opportunities, creates opportunities for people in need, and drives continuous progress in society. Starting from its operating base, Unimicron expands the promotion of caring activities across national borders. Whether in the sponsorship of social outreach or the input of volunteers, Unimicron provides more resources and hopes for local communities and the underprivileged, and infuses positive energy into society.

We have adopted the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Framework to evaluate the overall status of resources invested that allocative efficiency of resources. In the past three years, Unimicron has invested in society, gradually increase investment in commercial facilitation, to strengthen the connection between operation and resource. In addition, the average percentage of main social investments is 70% by money. We will continually review the resource that input to social with the connection of financial and non-financial information, and fulfill the stakeholder’s expectation of creating shared value.

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