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Pillars of Charity

Management Approach




Resources Invested

Grievance Mechanism



ESG Policy

Based on the concept of “taking from society and giving back to society”, we participate in community outreach and emergency relief activities to share love, give back to society, and fulfill social responsibilities

ESG Committee

• We inspire Club to engage in charitable activities
• Unimicron set the volunteer leave and inspire employees to engage in charitable activities
• Unimicron has launched the “Ching-Shiang Charity Convenience Store " project at the Shanying Plant that waives all rents and utility bills, provides employees with consumption discounts, and donates all the profits from the convenience store to charity

Unimicron promotes social welfare in accordance with three major strategic principles "Community Engagement, Caring for the Disadvantaged and Diversity and Equality".

• Stakeholder Communication / Questionnaire Survey
• Evaluate the contribution of Unimicron to society
• Organizing and implementing social welfare projects

Pillars of Charity

Responding to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Unimicron adheres to the principle of "taking from society and giving back to society," with long-term investment, combining internal and external resources of the group and cooperating with stakeholders, to actively promote the three main social welfare pillars of local participation, caring for the disadvantaged, and diversity and equality. The Company hopes to exert positive social influence, drive continuous progress in the society, bring warmth to more people, and exert more positive influence.





Community Engagement

• Enhance the sports atmosphere among the local youth
• Support physical education
• Promote community activities

• Support physical Education
• keep the environment clean

• Strengthen firefighting resources
• Promote Technology Education

• Donate to the baseball team and scholarship every year
• Encourage employees and club participate in environmental activities
• Donate firefighting equipment to local governments to build up city safety energy
• Sponsor local community activities to expand social influence

Caring for the Disadvantaged

• Provide education opportunities to disadvantaged students
• Caring for local disadvantaged

• Share Charity meals • Donate daily necessities • Improve rural education

• Improve school lighting
• Become repair volunteers
• Promote environmental education

• Donate scholarships, books, stationery, and New Year's gift baskets to disadvantaged students
• Provide daily necessities and relief funds to those in need in the local community

Diversity and Equality

• Assist the relatively disadvantaged groups in society to pursue diversity and equality

• Furniture made from recycled wood pallet
• Ching-Shiang Charity Convenience Store

• Recycling discarded wood pallets in the plant into regenerated furniture, and introducing the concept of quality management into our collaboration with Taipei Prison to enhance the quality of regenerated furniture
• Provide employment opportunities at the Ching-Shiang Charity Convenience Store, provide discounts on employee consumption, and donate all the profits of the convenience store to charity, allowing the cycle of good to be uninterrupted

Social Welfare Projects in Mainland China




Community Engagement


• Volunteering at marathons
• Volunteering for the Dragon Boat Race at Jinji Lake
• Participating in and volunteering for the High-end Manufacturing and International Trade Zone Red Legacy Relay Race
• Blood donation events
• Donations to students who have chosen majors in Henan Province
• Donations to the Yuangongyi bursary fund

Unimicron (Kunshan)

• Visiting the Kunshan Environmental Health Center
• Visiting low-income households on holidays (Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival)
• Blood donation events

Unimicron (Shenzhen)

• Yong River Environmental Protection Action
• EV Tail Lights Action for Traffic Rules Compliance and Helmet Use
• Traffic Rules Compliance Community Promotion Event
• Most Beautiful Truck Driver Event
• Distributing citizen handbooks
• Warm Breeze Campaign for Drivers and Couriers
• Blood donation events

Unimicron-FPC (Kunshan)

• Blood donation events
• Community Welfare Institution Charity Event

Unimicron (Huangshi)

• Daye Lake Beach Cleanup

Caring for the Disadvantaged

Unimicron (Suzhou)

• Chengshan Education Sponsorship Program
• Qinghai Hope Elementary School Donation Enterprise
• Sponsorship for students in need

Unimicron (Kunshan)

• The Huosheng Zhou Project for Students in Need
• Outstanding Students in Need Project
• Donation to Tongxin Elementary School
• Donation of old books to the Confucius Temple in Shiping County, Yunnan

Diversity and Equality

Unimicron (Suzhou)

• Clothing donation to people with low-income in mountain regions

Unimicron (Kunshan)

• Tzu Chi year-end donation

Public Welfare Investment

As a member of the global corporate citizens, Unimicron also pursues fulfilling its responsibilities and actively cares for society and contributes while engaging in business operations. Through the spirit of caring and giving back to society, the Company organizes and participates in many activities, puts in resources, provides diverse and equal opportunities, creates opportunities for people in need, and drives continuous progress in society. Starting from its operating base, Unimicron expands the promotion of caring activities across national borders. Unimicron provides Volunteer leave in 2021 to encourage employees to engage in public welfare. Whether in the sponsorship of social outreach or the input of volunteers, Unimicron provides more resources and hopes for local communities and the underprivileged, and infuses positive energy into society.

We have adopted the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Framework to evaluate the overall status of resources invested and the allocative efficiency of resources. In recent years, Unimicron has gradually increased its investment in public welfare activities by increasing Commercial Initiatives and Community Investment. Through long-term, strategic support to public welfare organizations or local communities, we strengthen the link between resources and the core of our operations, and promote operational development and the public welfare of the community to fulfill the expectations of multiple stakeholders and create greater shared value.

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