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Customer Services

Management Approach




Resources Invested

Grievance Mechanism



Other Response Measures

Three principles of quality policy: customer orientation, dedication to quality, and continuous breakthrough

Jointly commit towards sustainability to create common prosperity

Customer Service Implementation Officer

• Semi-annual customer satisfaction survey
• Irregular CSR/RBA audits by customers
• Quarterly Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as required by the client

• Complaints Line
• Complaints Mailbox
• Communication software

• Number of critical deficiencies in CSR/RBA audit: 0
• Number of customer privacy violations: 0
• Average customer satisfaction score of PCB SBU> 3.5 points, Average customer satisfaction score of Carrier SBU> 3 points

• Compliance with CSR regulations: Reduce critical deficiencies in customer CSR/RBA audits
• Strict compliance with customer privacy requirements: No case of customer complaints due to an infringement of customer privacy or loss of customer information

Reply of major deficiencies & confirmation of improvement effects

Customer Services

As a world-class supplier of the PCB and Carrier industry, Unimicron’s customers are located all over the world. The goal of Unimicron is to become the best business partner for our customers, and we are committed to technological innovation and providing the best products. Unimicron uses several communication channels and actively communicates to understand customers’ needs. We are committed to providing perfect services and establishing a relationship of customer satisfaction and trust.

Regular Communication

• Setting up a customer service contact point and a customer service VIP team (leaders are plant general managers, conducting weekly customer feedback discussions), quarterly meetings, regular visits, and occasional contacts
• The issues of customer concern include Product quality/HSF quality and service, technology, price, delivery date, and ESG

Communicating ESG Issues

• Communicating ideas and practical experiences through the opportunities of customer-to-factory audit and communication
• Guiding customers to inspect Unimicron’s plant equipment, and communicate with customers about management systems and measures to let them understand Unimicron’s effort regarding ESG issues

Customer Service Management

Customer Satisfaction Survey

VIP Customer Service Team Member Evaluation

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Complaint Management


We fully understand and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers through customer satisfaction surveys, as a way to improve service/HSF quality, and as a basis to adjust the Company’s business strategy and development direction

The leader of each department of the VIP customer service team needs to regularly evaluate and review the skills of members, and educate or adjust the members’ abilities to reach the requirements and improve the service and competitiveness of the VIP customer service team

To enhance our customer service, we conduct immediate investigations on the problems raised when using our products and take appropriate measures to improve satisfaction with our products and services

To provide fast, efficient and thoughtful service to customers, and with the hopes of improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, this procedure is implemented for various types of services

Customer Complaint Management

Customer Service Management

Sales Return

Carrier SBU

We keep tabs on customer needs and market trends based on customer satisfaction surveys, as a way to improve service quality and as a basis to adjust the Company’s business strategy and development direction

Establish customer complaint classification corresponding to the management procedures of the plant-managing unit to reduce customer complaints and provide timely responses to improve customer satisfaction, at the same time, continuously improving quality to meet customer needs

To provide customers with complete services by clearly and effectively handling customer’s returns

Satisfaction Survey

In order to understand customer needs and provide quality services, Unimicron actively conducts customer satisfaction surveys every year, and based on customer satisfaction survey results, we keep tabs on customer needs and market trends, as a way to improve service quality and as a basis to adjust the Company’s business strategy and development direction. To truly grasp customer expectations, the plants in Taiwan, South China, and East China conduct customer satisfaction evaluations for VIP customers every 6 months and important customers every year. The survey items include price, delivery date, technology, quality, HSF quality, customer service, etc. Customer satisfaction is scored on a 5-point scale. If an item of the PCB (HDI and FPC) scores an average below 3.5 (target value) and the Carrier scores an average below 3.

Customer Satisfaction






PCB SBU(Including HDI and FPC)





Carrier SBU





Explanation for 2021 Customer Satisfaction

Difference in scores from the previous year


Improvement Plan

Customer Satisfaction of PCB SBU


• Meet customer needs for technical services of important products
• Meet customer's demand for quality improvement

Continue to maintain good communication with customers on new technologies and respond to customers' related needs immediately

Customer Satisfaction of Carrier SBU


• Meet customer's demand for delivery time
• Meet customer's demand for HSF quality

Not only Continuously explain market conditions and Company strategies but also provide relevant plans and suggestions to customers

To improve customer services, in addition to the results of the customer satisfaction survey, we shall, after summarization and analysis of the customer Quarterly Business Review (QBR) score sheets, discuss the improvement plan and the promotion of relevant response measures in the meeting. These shall be included in the relevant departments’ performance management indicators to refine standards for each service, build competitive advantages, and win the trust of customers.

The protection of customers’ intellectual property rights and business information is the focus of our business and business ethics management. In addition, to protect the privacy of customers and personal information, Unimicron adheres to the relevant regulations of the Information Security Policy and has implemented specific management programs such as terminal computer management, data center management, anti-virus and anti-hacking management, education and training, and network security system management. Unimicron has not been complained by customers for infringement of customer privacy or loss of customer information in 2021.

• Strengthen quality stability, and reduce batch scrap rate
• Overall improvement of VIP customer/strategic customer QBR (Q/C/D/S/T) satisfaction indicator
• Improve the width and depth of engineering change management and reduce the number of customer complaints or A-level NCNs caused by change failure
• Effectively operate the One-stop Quality Assurance PDCA to eradicate customer complaints above “Major” (inclusive) matters

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