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Innovative Capability

Management Approach

Customer Services

As a world-class supplier of the PCB and Carrier industry, Unimicron’s customers are located all over the world. The goal of Unimicron is to become the best business partner for our customers, and we are committed to technological innovation and providing the best products. Unimicron uses several communication channels and actively communicates to understand customer’s needs. We are committed to providing perfect services and establishing a relationship of customer satisfaction and trust.

Customer Relationship Management

Satisfaction Survey

In order to understand customer needs and provide quality services, Unimicron actively conducts customer satisfaction surveys every year, and based on customer satisfaction survey results, we keep tabs on customer needs and market trends, as a way to improve service quality and as a basis to adjust the Company’s business strategy and development direction. To truly grasp customer expectations, the plants in Taiwan, South China, and East China conduct customer satisfaction evaluations for VIP customers every 6 months and important customers every year. The survey items include price, delivery date, technology, quality, HSF quality, customer service, etc. Customer satisfaction is scored on a 5-point scale. If an item of the PCB (HDI and FPC) scores an average below 3.5 (target value) and the Carrier scores an average below 3 (target value).

Customer Satisfaction

Explanation of Declines in 2020 Satisfaction

To improve customer services, in addition to the results of the customer satisfaction survey, we shall, after summarization and analysis of the customer quarterly business review (QBR) score sheets, discuss the improvement plan and the promotion of relevant response measures in the meeting. These shall be included in the relevant departments’ performance management indicators to refine standards for each service, build competitive advantages, and win the trust of customers.

The protection of customers’ intellectual property rights and business information is the focus of our business and business ethics management. Through the control of the ISO 27001 management system, Unimicron has not been complained by customers for infringement of customer privacy or loss of customer information in 2020. No product or service violated the law and suffered huge fines in 2020.

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