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Labor Policy

Quality Policy

Provide superior quality product at competitive price with prompt delivery and service.Three principles of quality policy:

Unimicron HSF Quality Policy

In order to furnish excellent Hazardous Substances Free (HSF) quality, reasonable product prices and competitive delivery dates and services to satisfy customers, we developed HSF quality policies and goals.

Unimicron Information Security Policy

ESG Policy

Our vision & mission:

CSR/ESG policy of Unimicron is based on the "3P" which are "Concern for the Planet, Respect for People, and Pursuit for Performance". We expect that through our humanity based management approach and mission to protect the environment, we will ensure our sustainable growth and become a model citizen in the global village.

We promise:

Occupational Safety,Health and Environmental Resources Policy

Business Continuity Management & Risk Management Policy

Chairman , Unimicron Tzyy-Jang Tseng

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