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ESG Performance

ESG Strategy

ESG Vision & Mission

Topics Importance of operations KPI 2022 Targets 2022 Achievements 2023 Targets 2026 Goals
Corporate Government To develop a solid corporate governance measure, establish an overall corporate vision, and control risks to fulfill the responsibilities of business operators. Also, enhance shareholders' trust and stakeholders to maintain market competitiveness. Corporate Governance Evaluation Ranking Corporate Governance Evaluation 6%~20% Maintain Corporate Governance Evaluation 6%~20% Enhance corporate governance and improve operating profitability to achieve the interests of stakeholders
Business Ethics Establish good business conduct and ethics, shape a corporate culture of integrity, and enhance employees' awareness of professional ethics and compliance with laws and regulations, so as to deepen good internal professional ethics and ensure sustainable operation. Personnel Code of Conduct and Antitrust TrainingNote 2 The completion rate was >95% The completion rate was >95% The completion rate was 100%
Issued Integrity Notification to Supplier Twice a year Twice a year Twice a year
Customer Relationship Management Establish good relationships with customers through regular visits and satisfaction surveys to keep tabs on customer needs and market trends, respond to customer needs, and adjust the Company’s business strategy and development direction. Customer Satisfaction PCB SBU 4.6
Carrier SBU 3.6
Carrier SBU 3.6
PCB SBU 4.65
Carrier SBU 3.7
Case of Customer Privacy Violations 0 0 0
Technology and R&D Maintain cooperation with tier 1 suppliers (materials and equipment), and work closely with domestic and overseas research institutes and academics to develop products that meet market trends and customer demands. Through the R&D integration and customer interaction that satisfy customer needs and ensure the product's leading position. ETS Fine Line Development L/S = 5/5 um
AOI yield > 85%
L/S = 5/5 um
Customer Sample Verification (TV)
L/S = 5/5 um
Mass production (HVM)
Fine Bump Pitch Development POC for 80um
pitch w/via bump
Engineering Sample Certification
Mass production (HVM)
Hybrid Substrate Development Thin film RDL bonded organic substrates 2/2um L/S Passed EVT and DVT Mass production (HVM)
Actively develop the technology to build high-frequency and high-speed products. Enter the 5G technology market with excellent signal transmission, fast heat dissipation, and reliable technology platforms. Mass Production Ratio of 5G Technology 30% 45% 100%
To protect R&D results and intellectual property. Number of Patent Applications 100 110 130
Product Safety and Quality We provide excellent quality products at reasonable prices with suitable delivery time and service to satisfy customers. Case of Critical Deficiencies in CSR/RBA Audit0 0 0 0
Cases of Returning Goods Caused by Non-compliance with HSF Regulations 0 0 0
Sustainable Supply Chain Establish a supplier management system and standard, communicate with suppliers every year, and implement supplier management to reduce risks and establish a sustainable win-win strategic partnership. The Completion Rate for Signing Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Letter of Commitment 85% 87% 90%
Information Security Protect customer data and Unimicron's trade secrets, and implement information security risk management to avoid possible information leakage that impacts operations. Number of Material Information Security Incidents 0 0 0

Note 1: as achieving 2022 Targets and, as without achieving 2022 Targets.
Note 2: We will conduct RBA-related (e.g. Code of Ethics, Antitrust) education and training in the following years, following the completion of the RBA Commitment Letter in 2021.


Topics Importance of operations KPI 2022 Targets 2022 Achievements 2023 Targets 2026 Goals
Water Resource Management Improve water efficiency and water recovery through the production process and equipment improvements to reduce water consumption. Water Consumption Intensity Based on Revenue < 310 < 300 < 290
Copper Ion Intensity of Wastewater Discharge Based on Revenue < 0.15 < 0.1 < 0.09
GHG Management Reduce carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency to reduce operational risks. GHG Emission Intensity Based on Revenue < 12 < 11 < 10
Energy Resource Management We use management mechanisms and data analysis to enhance equipment and production capacity, improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. Electricity Consumption Intensity Based on Revenue < 18 < 17 < 16
Waste Management Reduce raw material consumption and environment discharge by improving waste reuse rate to reduce operating costs and environmental impact. Waste Recycling Rate >90% >90% >90%
Chemical Safety To protect health and environmental safety through green purchasing and manufacturing to ensure that the company's products comply with hazardous substance free regulations and customer compliance, as well as stakeholder expectations. Customer Satisfaction Rate with HSF Quality 4.48 4.4 4.5
Achievement Rate of Immediate Legal Updates 100% 100% 100%
XRF Testing Pass Rate of Incoming Materials and Finished Products 100% 100% 100%
Supplier’s HSF Quality Audit Pass Rate 100% 100% 100%
Climate Change Risk Management To disclose climate governance information and improve ESG transparency by TCFD framework. Climate Risks and Opportunities Identification Once a year Once a year Once a year

Note: as achieving 2022 Targets and, as without achieving 2022 Targets.


Topics Importance of operations KPI 2022 Targets 2022 Achievements 2023 Targets 2026 Goals
Occupational Safety and Health Through the operation and improvement measures of the OSH management system to improve Company’s OSH performance, avoiding critical accidents that may affect shipping and cause losses. Obtained OSH Awards 4 5 5
Work Accidents 0 0 critical accidents 0 critical accidents
Frequency-Severity Indicator (FSI)(Below 50% of the Three-year Average for the PCB Industry) 0.1 0.1 0.1
Disabling Injury Frequency Rate (F.R.)(Below 50% of the Three-year Average for the PCB Industry) 0.63 0.5 0.5
Disabling Severity Rate (S.R.)(Below 50% of the Three-year Average for the PCB Industry) 16 14 13
Completion of the OSH Performance Evaluation 100% 100% 100%
Employee Satisfaction with Health Promotion Activities 96% 97% 97%
Employee Development and Training Provide a comprehensive training system and career development direction to attract and retain talents that expand and maintain our productivity and competitiveness. Completion Rate of People Capability Maturity in Each Plant 75% 82% 85%
Course Completion Rate(Courses Held and Satisfaction Rating) Number of courses held: 15 Number of courses held: 15 Number of courses held: 20
Satisfaction rating: 90% Satisfaction rating: 90% Satisfaction rating: 90%
Talent Attraction and Retention For us, talent is the key to ensuring success in the world. Innovation, technologies, and services require talented individuals. Number of New DL/IDL DL 2,900
IDL 950
DL 3,600
IDL 1,100
DL 4,000
IDL 1,200
Excellent Engineers Retention Rate 90% 90% 91%
Human Rights To create a more equal, inclusive, and Positive working environment in response to the talent pool and the market. Incidents of Discrimination 0 0 0
Completion Rate of Human Rights Training >98% >98% >98%
Social Engagement/Community Relations We will continue to help establish a more sustainable and inclusive society by leveraging internal resources. Volunteer Service Hours 1,000 hours 2,000 hours 3,000 hours

Note 1: as achieving 2022 Targets and, as without achieving 2022 Targets.
Note2: In 2022, there were 4 occupational accidents in Taiwan. The FSI for 2022 was 0.134 due to the increase in the number of days lost in occupational accidents, but the number of occupational accidents is down compared to 2021. The F.R. for 2022 was 1.2, down from 2021, but not below 50% of the industry's three-year average. (Please refer to OSH Management).

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