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Innovative Capability

Complaint Mechanism and Handling

Unimicron pays considerable attention to the opinions given by our customers. We view customer complaints and comments as opportunities to assist us in continuous improvement. Thus, Unimicron has built a complete mechanism to ensure the effective communication, processing and response of customer complaints and opinions through a comprehensive, systematic and standardized processing procedure, in order to protect customer rights and interests.

Customer Complaint Response Process

Unimicron categorized customer complaints into three types - “Critical”, “Major” and “Minor” - based on their severity level, with which the cases are reported, handled and have their progress tracked accordingly. It is expected that all complaints can be handled and responded to in a proper way, with the most efficient use and allocation of resources.

In 2020, Unimicron received a total of 0 “Critical” and 202 “Major” customer complaints about PCB products, 27 cases less than the previous year. The main reason for the decrease in customer complaints was the problem of abnormal functions, which decreased by 72 cases compared with 2019. The main reason for these customer complaints consisted in functional problems. After the improvement made in the plants and the timely reply and solution before the customer's requested deadline, all the cases have been closed and there have been no recurrences.


In 2020, Unimicron received a total of 0 “Critical” and 286 “Major” customer complaints about Carrier products, 42 cases increase than the previous year. Among them, the main reason for the increase in customer complaints was the problem on a dimension by 29 cases compared with 2019, the dimension of Bump void increased the most that we have planned the strategies for, reduce the defective fraction of copper and revise the testing method and effectively detecting the issue. With the effort, all cases have been closed and there have been no recurrences.

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