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Social Participation

Neighborhood Care

Community Building - Local Community Wellness Program

Unimicron adheres to the concept of stable operation and fulfills its social responsibility. It has been deeply involved in the Taoyuan area for a long time. Through companionship, environmental cleaning, after-school programs, and donations, we care for community residents, the elderly, young students, and disadvantaged families of foreign spouses, bringing love to the community.

In 2022, we collaborated with the "Taoyuan Community Services Care Association", a long-standing community organization, to promote a three-part family integrity program, including "Part I - Care for the Disadvantaged Elderly", "Part II - Child and Youth Development Program", and "Part III - Care for Disadvantaged Families of Foreign Spouses".

「Part 1 - Care for the Disadvantaged Elderly」

In order to provide the elderly with the care they need, regular and irregular volunteer visits and companionship activities are organized to provide the elderly with more care and help them establish a healthy silver-haired life circle. Unimicron 9 volunteers participated in a volunteer course to learn service skills and interactive companionship through practical exercises. After training, 50 elderly were invited to participate in elderly care activity which is designed to strengthen the interaction between the elderly and others by encouraging them to participate in interactive activities such as singing, handicrafts, and rhythmic exercises.

Photo with Elderly and Volunteers
Volunteers Accompany the Elderly to Draw Patterns
Group Photo with Elderly and Volunteers
「Part II - Child and Youth Development Program」

In order to provide children and youth with the care they need, we provide regular and occasional family visits, scholarships, and summer camps to guide children from disadvantaged families to receive more care and companionship during their formative years. The four-day Bianzhou Village Children and Youth Summer Camp was held from July 28 to July 31, with about 35 children and youths participating in the camp. The camp encouraged children to actively participate in activities and enhance their willingness to learn through a variety of modes, such as rhythm classes, group recreation activities, calisthenics, and breakthrough games, improving the willingness to learn actively, and awarding prizes to strengthen children's learning confidence and cultivate the ability of unity and cooperation.

Volunteers Introduced the Ecological Environment to the Children
The Children Participated in Recreation Activities
Group Photo of Volunteers and Children in the Community
「Part III - Care for Disadvantaged Families of Foreign Spouses」

In order to help foreign spouses who have come to Taiwan from abroad to strengthen their social adaptability and stabilize their family relationships, and in turn generate social stability, we visit foreign spouses and conduct family spiritual exchange banquets to enhance the close ties between families and communities, with a view to making family and community relationships healthier.

Diving Deep in Community Engagement - Care With Love

take the idea of helping local care as our purpose, and expect ourselves to continue to invest in social work while pursuing corporate output value, so as to enhance the sustainable value of the Company. In 2022, Unimicron and its subsidiaries jointly promoted a series of love and care activities, including meal delivery, blood donation and community care, to promote the sustainable development of the community.

Meal Delivery

Unimicron aims to help disadvantaged groups in society. By integrating the company’s resources and collaborating with the Taoyuan Ping’an Branch of the Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation and the Taoyuan Anxin Care Association, we delivered meals to those who needed them in 2022.
In order to continue our work in taking care of the poor and helping them reintegrate into society, we collaborated with the Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation in 2022 to use existing resources to cook a total of 5,700 meal boxes in our central kitchen, delivered them to Taoyuan Ping'an Branch of the Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation, and shared them with people in need. In the future, we will continue to identify the needs of the communities around plants and integrate internal and external resources to devote to charity events, so that we can spread warmth to all corners of society and create a common good.

Unimicron Delivered Meals to Those Who Needed
Unimicron Delivered Meals to Those Who Needed
Blood Donation

In order to spread the power of goodness and kindness, and to promote the kindness idea of donating a bag of blood to save a life, we uphold the mission of giving back to society and continued to participate in voluntary blood donation activities in 2022. A total of 1,805 people have participated in blood donation activities at our plants in Taiwan, subsidiary Unimicron-FPC (Kunshan) and Unimicron (Suzhou), expressing love for society with practical actions.

Employees of Unimicron-FPC (Kunshan) Participated in the Blood Donation Activity
Employees of Unimicron (Suzhou) Participated in the Blood Donation Activity
Community Care

We value the development of good neighborliness and caring communities. We actively promote and participate in community activities in our domestic and overseas plants, such as the activities of subsidiaries, Unimicron (Kunshan)'s participation in community care activities in 2022, Unimicron-FPC (Kunshan)'s participation in community charity activities and the Citywide Love 2022 Kunshan Warmth Campaign, Unimicron (Shenzhen)’s participation as volunteers in community COVID testing and traffic advisory activities around the plant, etc. In addition to strengthening the communal relationship between the community and us, we also receive the priceless smiles of the residents.

Unimicron-FPC (Kunshan) Join Kunshan Warmth Campaign
Unimicron (Kunshan) Participates in Community Care Activities

Care for the Disadvantaged

On the Basis of “Human” - Ching-Shiang Charity Convenience Store

Unimicron employs a strategic sustainable responsibility mindset to develop an innovative charity model to create a three-win shared value among the enterprises, NPO, and recipients. In 2014, we opened the "Unimicron Ching-Shiang Charity Convenience Store" (Name change in 2022) in Shanying Plant, manifesting our enterprise charity model with a new mindset of involving in charity events and augmenting the benefits of love.

We, instead of simply donating provisions like enterprises used to do, changing the concept of "offering donation" into "providing means" on the basis of "human." The employees of Ching-Shiang Charity Convenience Store are all from disadvantaged families or physically disabled and are supported by the Ching-Shiang Youth Care Association. Unimicron provides rent and water and electricity fees free of charge, employee discounts, and profits from the convenience store are donated to charity to help more people who need it, creating a never-ending virtuous cycle at our charity convenience store. We will continue investing in related resources and hope to expand the operations and beneficial scope to bring more positive energy to society and help more disadvantaged people.

SDGs Stakeholders Strategy
Disadvantaged Families and Youth
  • Provide minority groups, single-parent families and youths with secure employment environment
  • Increase their vocational experiences while helping them get involved in the society
Ching-Shiang Youth Care Association
  • Surplus is donated to NGOs to assist more people who need help, enhancing the sustainability of welfare
Chengjheng High School
Dun Pin High School
  • Donate the surplus of 2022 to Chengjheng High School and Dun Pin High School
Unimicron Employees
  • Unimicron also encourages consumption and provides employees with 15% discount for most of the products
  • Employees are directly benefited from discounts and provide them with the “consume to do charity”

(Unit: people)

Type 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Single Mother 21 29 9 10 12
People with Physical / Mental Difficulties 7 4 2 4 4
Underprivileged Youth 3 10 14 19 23
Total 31 43 25 33 39

Innovative Charitable Activities - Building Regenerated Furniture from Waste Wooden Pallets

Unimicron’s Administrative Service Department worked with Taipei Prison before on a project that allows prisoners to serve their sentences outside of prison, we found that possibilities for collaboration could be had between the internal operations of the Taipei Prison and the recycling of our corporate waste, thus the two parties began a collaboration for inmates at Taipei Prison to create furniture from waste wooden pallets. This not only reduces the cost of processing corporate waste but also greatly reduces waste generation and environmental pollution to reduce forest damage and protect forests. Unimicron also introduced the QCC to the carpentry class in Taipei Prison, which significantly raised the inmates’ sense of quality in terms of experience and skills as well as increased their self-confidence. During the collaboration, the sale of wooden furniture increased funds for the carpentry class of Taipei Prison and also the income of the inmates, which helped with their family's expenses.

In 2022, to expand the concept of sustainable sharing and its positive impact, we identify the needs of charitable organizations in Taoyuan actively. We donated recycled furniture from waste wood pallets to the Guanyin Love Home towards SDG 17 that spread the concept of circular economy, environmental sustainability, and vulnerable care throughout society.

The Wooden Furniture Made from Waste Wooden Pallets Donated by Unimicron to Guanyin Love Home
Recipient Donation Benefits
Guanyin Love Home
  • 10 standard wooden chairs
  • 2 special specification wooden chairs
  • 13 bed partition cabinets
  • 1 screen
55 peoples

Caring With Heart - Starting From Local Communities

In 2022, the Unimicron Love Sharing Club and Luzhu III Plant continued to serve the underprivileged in the neighborhood. In addition to recruiting 23 volunteers with expertise in renovation and repair to Muhsiang Home in 2021, repairing water and electricity, cleaning the environment within the home and donating NT$50,000, they also invited teachers and students of Muhsiang Home to enjoy a meal at a restaurant on Christmas Day for a memorable occasion. In addition, because the trees next to Muhsiang Home have not been repaired for many years, in order to avoid accidents caused by broken branches and maintain the safety of teachers and students, Unimicron’s employees launched a tree trimming fundraising campaign to relatives and friends to help the orphanage create a safe environment. In the future, Unimicron will uphold the heart of caring for the society and continue to create a cycle of goodness.

In addition, Unimicron’s Yangmei Plant upholds the purpose of transmitting the value of a happy life and promoting sustainable homes. In 2022, it gave full play to its enthusiasm for service by providing essential goods to Reindeer Children's Home and serving as volunteers to sort invoices at Guanyin Love Home, starting from the small places with real needs, caring for local nurseries and love homes, and giving back to society the spirit of sustainable management.

Guanyin Love Home Organized a Charity Sale at Unimicron's Plant
Unimicron Volunteers Sorted Out Invoices at Guanyin Love Home
Unimicron Volunteers Cleaned the Environment of Muhsiang Home
Unimicron Volunteers Cleaned the Environment of Muhsiang Home
Muhsiang Home Reindeer Children Home Guanyin Love Home
184 Hours of Volunteering Time Donate the Necessary Resources 48 Hours of Volunteering Time

Greenbox Association - Paddy Fields and Experiences Farming Life Together

After meeting with the Waiting Baby Social Welfare Association, we learned that there are many infants and babies in Taiwan who have lost their original families and entered orphanages. Most of these children come from vulnerable families, and many of them have severe allergies and hyperactivity symptoms. Vegetables and fruits are the most natural source of refreshments, but they are a necessity that few people donate. In addition, farmers' crops can be lost in a natural disaster. For this reason, this year Unimicron participated in the Paddy Fields and Experiences Farming Life Together Project, which focuses on adopting agricultural products. It not only helps small farmers survive the unstable growth period of agricultural production, but also donates the harvested crops to children in orphanages, multiplying and expanding the benefits of public welfare. In addition, Unimicron also served as volunteers at YOGA Farm in Longtan, Taoyuan in October 2022 and January 2023, respectively, accompanying the students of Children of Adolescents’ Home, Taoyuan, Prison Fellowship Taiwan to learn about organic and friendly farming, and participate in farming in the fields, so that the students can experience it personally of the touch of doing one's best for another group, planting the seeds of goodness in each other's hearts.

Group Photo of Volunteers and Students of Adolescents’ Home, Taoyuan, Prison Fellowship Taiwan
Group Photo of Volunteers and Students of Adolescents’ Home, Taoyuan, Prison Fellowship Taiwan
Volunteers and Students Experience Agricultural Activities Together
An Ice-Breaking Interactive Game Between Volunteers and Students

Social Care Practice - Make a Positive Impact

In order to realize the concept of social care, through multiple practical methods, Unimicron continues to support TPCA's donation of assistive devices for early intervention and goods donations to Fuxing. Unimicron (Kunshan) also participates in public welfare donation activities organized by external organizations, and Unimicron-FPC (Kunshan) supports the Poverty Alleviation and Farmer Benefit Agreement, etc. We hope to pool the strengths of our subsidiaries to create positive values together.

In order to strengthen the implementation of public welfare activities, we encourage each club to initiate public welfare activities and support public welfare organizations through physical participation and donations. In 2022, the clubs initiated a number of charity activities, including the Baseball Club providing scholarships for underprivileged players, the Multimedia Club participating in the Taipei Metro Competition charity sale, the Badminton Club donating application fees to the House of Dreams Education Foundation, the Basketball Club donating shoes, the Running Club and the Bicycling Club participating in charity sales, etc., contributing to the environment and society.

Running Club Participating in Charity Sales
Basketball Club Participating in Charity Sales

Inject Educational Resources

Professionals Skills-Donating the Lights to Remote Schools

Unimicron adheres to the principle of "taking from society and giving back to society, highlighting the core values of the company. Since the year before last, Unimicron has been observing social issues in depth. When discussing with stakeholders, Unimicron understands that although the government and enterprises have strengthened social resources in rural areas in recent years, some areas are still under-resourced. Therefore, this year, we continue to visit rural areas and understand the needs of remote schools – Kui Hui Elementary School in Taoyuan and Ruifeng Elementary School in Hsinchu. After the assessment, we donated LED lights made by our Subsidiary Company-apm Communication, Inc. to spread love to the remote school. In addition, the supplier, Xuan-Tong System Integration Co., Ltd., and its staff showed their social responsibility by supporting the event, with professional volunteers working for 259.5 hours to create a healthy, safe, and low-carbon learning environment for the students.

Title Donation Volunteers
Taoyuan Kui Hui Elementary School
  • 353 LED flat lamps
  • 113 LED tubes
  • 48 LED ceiling lamps
19 volunteers with a total of 152 hours
Hsinchu County Ruifeng Elementary School
  • 254 LED light steel frame lamps
  • 8 LED Ceiling Lights
  • 44 LED E27 lamps
14 volunteers with a total of 107.5 hours

Photo of Completed Installation of LED Lighting Fixtures in the Classroom at Kui Hui Elementary School
Photo of LED Lightening Installation at Rueifong Elementary School

Learning Companion Programs - Bring Hope to Remote Schools

The gap between urban and rural areas and the gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger, and children who are disadvantaged have less chance to get a good education. Therefore, Unimicron is turning its love and care into actions that help children gain an education.

Precision III Plant of Shanying Plant donates NT$ 50,000 to Boyo Social Welfare Foundation in 2022, led by Unimicron Executive General Manager, Mr. ChiaPin Lee since 2021, and accompanies children to read picture books through after-school tutoring for developing their self-confidence and ability.

Education is human’s project of hope and learning is the way to achieve hope. In the future, Unimicron will continue to promote volunteer services for underprivileged schoolchildren, and go deep into rural areas to provide educational resources; in the part of higher education counseling, students tutored by the foundation can also be referred to work at Unimicron, improving the employment rate of students after graduation so that children's learning and employment will no longer be Equality, but Equity.

Unimicron Employees Serve as After-School Volunteers

Creating a Safe Space - Happiness Volunteer Team

Adhering to the concept of “Taking from Society and Giving Back to Society”, Unimicron’s Administrative Service Department has long paid attention to the needs of the schools around the factory. In 2021, Unimicron volunteers and supplier partners worked together to improve the wooden flooring in the kindergarten and renovate the leaking pipes of the outdoor sink. In 2022, Unimicron invited its subcontractor, Love-Energy Industrial and Shanying Plant to work together as repair volunteers at the nearby Hsing-Fu Elementary School.
In order to improve the learning environment in classrooms and to provide students with cool fans and bright classrooms on hot summer days, we are striving to use environmentally friendly and energy-saving products, replacing 48 energy-saving circulating fans and 12 sets of energy-saving lamps for Hsing-Fu Elementary School, in order to make parents feel relieved, teachers feel at ease, and children feel happy so that the students of Hsing-Fu Elementary School will learn more happily and the concept of environmental protection and energy saving will be deeply planted in their hearts.

Photo of Hsing-Fu Elementary School and Unimicron Happiness Volunteer Team
Unimicron and Love-Energy Industrial Cooperation in Construction
Unimicron and Love-Energy Industrial Cooperation in Construction
Feedback from Hing-fu Elementary School:Your assistance (Unimicron) is like wings of energy, giving us strength and benefiting the children in learning. Although education is a slow and lonely process, we are convinced that every effort will bring us closer to a beautiful future.

Injecting Resources - Strengthening Educational Resources

Education is the foundation of everything, and an essential building block for sustainable development. In order to help cultivate students who will achieve themselves in the society of tomorrow, the 2022 program includes:

In the future, we will continue to focus on education issues and use resource injection and volunteer participation to help create an environment conducive to learning, so that education can take root and internalize it into diverse abilities that students can take with them.

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Children in Hing-Fu Elementary School
Unimicron (Kunshan) Join Zhou Huosheng Difficult Care and Aid Project

Environmental Protection

Collaboration with Suppliers - Conserving Coastal Biodiversity

Unimicron believes that the environment is the foundation of all things and should be protected in the long term. Therefore, we have been planting trees in each plant since its establishment to purify the air and beautify the environment. In recent years, the impact of climate change has intensified, and as a part of the global supply chain, we are aware that it is not enough to improve the internal environment of our facilities. Therefore, we are gradually expanding the concept of conservation outside of facilities and seeking solutions to urgent environmental issues through communication and cooperation with external NGOs, government agencies, and suppliers.
To solve the pressing environmental issues and mitigate the decline of the coastline, Unimicron adopted a piece of land along the Miaoli coastline and 1,000 saplings and invited 18 suppliers to plant windbreak forests on March 26th. More than 50 volunteers, led by Unimicron Executive General Manager, Mr. ChiaPin Lee, led volunteers, suppliers, and their families to plant saplings and protect the coastline together.
The activity not only conveyed our determination but also planted the seeds of environmental protection in the hearts of volunteers, just as if the saplings planted by ourselves, slowly sprouted, branched, and bore fruit for action further.

Group Photo of Unimicron and Suppliers

The Sponsorship Program - ECO ECHO Awards

In response to the "Eco Echo Award" sponsorship program initiated by United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), Unimicron supports environmental protection actions to fulfill corporate social responsibility. With the original intention to protect our home, we continue to support the "Eco Echo Award" initiative to demonstrate our response and support for biodiversity and to promote the harmonious co-existence between humans and nature. We hope that through the interactive platform established by the "Eco Echo Award", scholars, experts, environmentalists, and enterprises could share resources and protect the environment.

Global Citizen - Protecting the Environment

With "Concern for the Planet" and "Biodiversity" as the concept, Unimicron has initiated environmental and ecological conservation activities to fulfill the sustainable responsibility of global citizens. Through the cooperation of each plant, club, and supplier, we take actions to protect the environment, including tree planting, garbage collection, weeding, garbage removal, etc. A total of 1,204 volunteers and 1,150 saplings were planted in 2022. We also toward green production, green consumption, source reduction, and resource recycling to bring more influence that is positive to society.

Type Title Area Volunteers
Street Cleanup Shanying Plant Neighborhoods 1,204 hours
Hsinfeng Plant Neighboring Streets
Hejiang Plant Neighboring Streets
Beach Cleanup Shanying Plant Xinwu Kejian
13 clubs Hsinchu Zhubei New Moon Beach, Potou Fishing Port, Yong’an, North Coast in Tamsui, Nanliao, Western Coast, Zhuwei Fishing Harbor, etc.
Mountain Cleanup Bicycle Club & Running Club Jiali Mountain, Shitou Mountain, Eighteen Peaks Mountain
River Cleanup Lohas Club Touchong River
Unimicron (Shenzhen) Ha Chung River
Unimicron (Huangshi) Daye Lake
Tree Planting Unimicron Miaoli Coast
Yangmei Plant Pond surroundings
Note: The 13 clubs include RYM Club, PG Club, Multimedia Club, Badminton Club, Excursion Club, Baking Club, Camping Club, Bicycle Club, Environmental Volunteers Club, Softball Club, Basketball Club, Caring Club and Love Sharing Club.

Unimicron's Chairperson, Senior Executives, and the Head of Yangmei District Office Led the Employees to Plant Trees
The Employees Planted Cherry Blossoms Around the Ecological Pond That Belongs to Shimen Water Conservancy Association Led by Unimicron’s Chairperson
Bicycle Club and Unity Running Club Jointly Organized the Mountain Cleanup Activity
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