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Social Participation

Community Engagement

Supporting Physical Education

Guei Shan Junior High School Baseball Team

Unimicron actively supports the national sport of baseball. Since 2014, Unimicron has started to sponsor the Gui Shan Junior High School baseball team in Taoyuan City, where the Company is located, and donated NT$ 33,000 to assist the baseball team in various training tasks in 2021, benefiting a total of 58 students. In 2021, Guei Shan Junior High School Baseball Team won the third place in Tainan Giants International Junior Baseball Championship and the second place in Taoyuan Mayor's Cup Youth Junior Baseball Championship.

National Tung-Shih Senior High School Baseball Team

In a shorter period, Unimicron gathered 35 important supplier partners to raise a total of NT$2,800,000. Through our efforts, we not only hope to cooperate with suppliers to establish a big Mountain Chain but also encourage all of the players who love baseball to pursue their dreams and win honour for the country.

Protecting the Environment Together

With "Concern for the Planet" as the concept, Unimicron has initiated environmental and ecological conservation activities by each plant or club to fulfill the sustainable responsibility of global citizens. Through the cooperation of each plant and club, we take actions to protect the environment, including garbage collection, weeding and garbage removal, etc., to protect the environment and forests; we also continue to work towards green production, green consumption, source reduction and resource recycling to bring more influence that is positive to the society.




Mountain Cleanup

Shanying Plant, Hejiang Plant, Love and Communication Club

Taoyuan Hutou Mountain

Bicycle Club and Running Club

Hsinchu Feifeng Mountain

River Cleanup

Luzhu II Plant

Nankan River

Street Cleanup

Shanying Plant

Nearby streets around the Shanying Plant

Hsinfeng Plant, Hand in Hand PG Club

Nearby streets around the Hsinfeng Plant

Improving Local Disaster Rescue Capabilities

Since 1990, Unimicron has been established for 31 years. Through the joint training with the Fire Bureau, Hsinchu County Government, as well as the exchange of new knowledge and professional skills in firefighting, we have not only improved our response and disaster rescue capabilities but also created a safe workplace environment.

In appreciation of the firefighters, Unimicron holds the concept of "Take from society, Give back to society", and donates firefighting equipment as an effective tool to support disaster relief, mountain disaster search, logistic supply, fire advocacy, public service, and disaster investigation, to strengthen the mobility and safety of the firefighters.

Unimicron has upgraded its occupational safety department. In addition, we will continue to replace some of the old pipes in Plants, improve fireproofing materials, improve the quality of technological disaster prevention and adjust safety regulations to create a safe workplace and strive to become an environmentally friendly and productive enterprise.

Taoyuan Fire Department

A fire department vehicle, 20 sets of firefighting clothes and pants, 25 sets of Diphoterine and 25 sets of Hexafluorine

Fire Bureau , Hsinchu County Government

A fire department vehicle

Contributed Total Amount

3.32 million

Tech in-Life: Career Exploration of High School Students

To help young students find themselves and their talents, Unimicron employees have volunteered become certified instructors and are committed to promoting science education, reducing industry-academia gap, and nurturing the next generation of sustainable green talents. In 2021, through a collaboration with the TPCA Environment Foundation, Unimicron held five courses at Zhiping High School, Qingshui High School, Sanmin High School, and Fudan Junior High School.

Through an integrated teaching model, the courses shared future trends, the current state of the development of the electronics industry and environmental crises with the young students, and explored issues such as the demand for talents through dynamic activities; the courses helped students to actively explore and understand the impact of technology, environmental sustainability, and the demand for talents in the next 10 years on their education and post-graduation life, and led them to reflect on their personal soft power.

• Number of courses attended:

5 sessions

• Number of students who benefited:

230 students

• Single class hours:

100 minutes/per class

Club Participate in Volunteering Activities

In order to realize the concept of social care, Unimicron encourages its clubs to organize charity events. Through physical participation and donations, the company is able to do more for the environment and society. In 2021, Unimicron’s clubs have initiated numerous charity events, including the Baseball Cub donating funds to the Yingge Baseball League to make repairs to their baseball field, the RYM Club donating receipts to the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, the Green Giant Volunteering Club sponsoring Step30 by covering their international shipping fees, the Golf Club setting up beehives on a plant’s premises, and the Badminton Club donating application fees to the House of Dreams Foundation.

Care for the Disadvantaged

Sharing Love and Care

Unimicron aims to help the disadvantaged groups in society. By integrating the company’s resources and collaborating with the Taoyuan Ping’an Branch of the Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation and the Taoyuan Anxin Care Association, we delivered meals and goods to those who needed it in 2021.

In order to continue our work in taking care of the poor and helping them reintegrate into society, we collaborated with the Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation for the second time in 2021 to donate holiday gift boxes, rice, dry foods, beverages, and 150 boxes of supplies to give to the poor. Also, many families were affected by the 2021 pandemic, and many schoolchildren have had to learn at home through remote classes, which created a need for meals. To this end, we used existing resources to cook a total of 3,800 meal boxes in our central kitchen, delivered them to Taoyuan Ping'an Branch of the Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation, and shared them with people in need. We also delivered meal boxes to the homes of students of Shanding Elementary School, in order to spread love and care through concrete actions.

In the future, we will continue to understand the needs of the communities around our plants and integrate internal and external resources to devote to charity events, so that we can spread warmth to all corners of society and create common good.

Hope for Education in Remote Regions

The gap between urban and rural areas and the gap between the rich and the poor are getting bigger, and children who are disadvantaged have less of a chance to get a good education. Therefore, Unimicron is turning its love and care in concrete actions that will help children gain access to education. Precision III Plant of Shanying Plant has founded a volunteer group of teachers called “Winning Team” and made donations to enhance children’s ability to cooperate, compete and work with a team, and hopes to have internal and external stakeholders pay greater attention to this issue and provide assistance.

The first part of the event was an after-school tutoring service, which was provided by employees at the Precision III Plant. They taught local elementary school children in grades 1 and 2 to read picture books at the Zhudong Branch of the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation; the second part of the project was for the senior management of Precision III Plant to go to the teaching service center at the Zhudong Branch of the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation to learn more about what the foundation’s volunteers do, and to make donations for the future development of the foundation. Unimicron will continue to conduct volunteer services for underprivileged children, and focus on providing better educational resources for schools in rural regions to help create equal footing for children everywhere, whether it be for learning or work.

Combining Internal and External Resources to Help Students with Love and Care

Using Our Hearts to Light Up Remote Elementary Schools

LED Lighting Improvement Project for Schools in Remote Regions

In order to bring resources as well as energy-saving and carbon-reducing solutions to schools in remote regions, Unimicron has taken the initiative to reach out to such schools in Taoyuan and Hsinchu to understand their needs. Unimicron implemented the campus lighting improvement project, and assisted in installing 356 sets of LED energy-saving lighting to improve the students’ learning environment as well as save energy and reduce carbon.

LED Solar Lights for Student Safety

In addition to introducing the game of golf to remote elementary schools, the Golf Club utilized the its resources to donate outdoor solar energy lighting to Yisheng Elementary School in Fuxing District, Taoyuan City, after learning of the school’s outdoor lighting needs. These energy-saving, environmentally-friendly solar lights with infrared heat sensors have created a bright and safe activity space for the students there.

Love and Happiness Repair Volunteer Team

After finding out that the kindergarten at Hing-fu Elementary School needed renovations, the volunteer team worked with the company’s suppliers to repair the kindergarten’s wooden floors, which the children couldn’t run and play on because the planks were popping up; the team also replaced the leaking pipes of the outdoor sink, so that the children at Hing-fu Elementary School can learn happily, and the parents and teachers no longer have to be concerned.

Using Our Hearts to Create New life in Dayuan

The Luzhu III Plant is dedicated to serving nearby organizations that care for the disadvantaged. Employees of the plant recruited colleagues with the ability to assist in doing repairs and tidying up the Muhsiang Home for Children, as well as offering environmental conservation education and training courses to share new knowledge on environmental conservation with the children; in addition to the donation of NT$30,000 from Unimicron, the event also stirred the sympathies of employees and their families to make voluntary donations to the children’s home. We hope that the event will help the children at the home to care for the environment in which they live and the natural environment as well, creating a cycle of goodness.

Diversity and Equality

Building Regenerated Furniture from Waste Wooden Pallets

Because Unimicron’s Administrative Service Department worked with Taipei Prison before on a project that allows prisoners to serve their sentences outside of prison, we found that possibilities for collaboration could be had between the internal operations of the Taipei Prison and the recycling of our corporate waste, thus the two parties began a collaboration for inmates at Taipei Prison to create furniture from waste wooden pallets. This not only reduces the cost of processing corporate waste, but also greatly reduces waste generation and environmental pollution to reduce forest damage and protect forests. During the collaboration, the sale of wooden furniture increased labor fund of the carpentry class of Taipei Prison and also the income of the inmates, which helped with their families’ expenses. Unimicron also introduced the spirit and methods of QCC to the carpentry class in Taipei Prison, which significantly raised the inmates’ sense of quality in terms of experience and skills as well as increased their self-confidence in seeking employment after their release from prison, enhancing their ability to take care of their families. It is Unimicron’s hope to fulfill its corporate social responsibility while using the concept of interdisciplinary collaboration to set an example for all the enterprises to devote resources to the ten largest prisons in Taiwan, so that care can be provided to those released from prisons, and a positive influence be spread throughout society, continuing acts of kindness and expanding the concept of creating shared values in a corporate society at the same time.

Charity Event on a Long-term Basis - Ching-Shiang Charity Convenience Store

Unimicron employs a strategic sustainable responsibility mindset to develop an innovative charity model to create a three-win shared value among the enterprises, NPO, and the recipients. In 2014, we opened the "Unimicron Ching-Shiang Charity Convenience Store" (Name change in 2022) in Shan-yin Factory, manifesting our enterprise charity model with a new mindset of involving in charity events and augmenting the benefits of love. We, instead of simply donating provisions like enterprises used to do, changing the concept of "offering donation" into "providing means" on the basis of "human." The employees of Ching-Shiang Charity Convenience Store are all from disadvantaged families or physically disabled, and are supported by the Ching-Shiang Youth Care Association. Unimicron provides rent and water and electricity fees free of charge, employee discounts, and all profits from the convenience store are donated to charity to help more people who need it, creating a never-ending virtuous cycle at our charity convenience store. We will continue investing in related resources and hope to expand the operations and beneficial scope to bring more positive energy to society and help more disadvantaged people.


Unimicron Pro Bono Strategies


Disadvantaged Families and Youth

• Provide minority groups, single-parent families and youths with secure employment environment
• Increase their vocational experiences while helping them get involved in the society

Ching-Shiang Youth Care Association

• Surplus is donated to NGOs to assist more people who need help, enhancing the sustainability of welfare

Chengjheng High School and Dun Pin High School

• Donate the surplus of 2021 to Chengjheng High School and Dun Pin High School

Unimicron Employees

• Unimicron also encourages consumptions and provide employees with 15% discount for most of the products
• Employees are directly benefited from discount and provide them with the “consume to do charity”

(Unit: people)






Single Mother





People with Physical / Mental Difficulties





Youth of Minority Groups











Ching-Shiang Charity Convenience Store






Total Discount to Employees (Unit: million)






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