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Innovative Capability

Conflict Mineral Management

Unimicron has incorporated the ban on conflict minerals into its supplier management policy, and works together with customers promising not to use metals extracted from armed conflict areas, illegal mining, and mining in poor working environments. Meanwhile, we require our suppliers to fulfill their social and environmental responsibility and trace the sources of metal materials such as gold (Au), tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta) and tungsten (W) contained in all products to ensure that these metals are not from conflict mining areas or blood mining areas.

We also require all of our suppliers to communicate this requirement to their upstream suppliers in order to eradicate such behavior through the use of market mechanisms. We have also brought out our influence on the supply chain by requesting smelters to be certified by the Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP), as to fulfill our commitments with practical actions. All smelters and refineries of 3TGs have used by Unimicron’s plants in Taiwan have obtained the RMAP certification and meet the RBA requirements. The conflict minerals used in plants in Mainland China and QunHong Technology Inc. all meet the RBA requirements. In response to RMI regulations, the mining management of the metal "cobalt" has been added to the scope of conflict minerals. Therefore, we actively promote and incorporate them into the training materials of the supplier conference. In addition to requiring all suppliers of 3TGs raw materials (gold/tin/tantalum/tungsten) to comply with the RMAP certification requirement for smelters, at the same time, suppliers of raw materials that contain "cobalt" are required to simultaneously require their smelters to participate in the RMAP certification plan.

The Distribution of the Countries Where the Refineries and the Smelters Are Located

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