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Employee Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

To attract more talent, Unimicron sets incentive systems to attract and retain outstanding employees. The Company conducts performance evaluations on all employees every year as a reference for compensation adjustment and promotion. We also participate in external compensation and benefits surveys every year to regularly review the relation between compensation/benefit measures and the market, and adjust employees’ salaries promptly to let more talented employees create value for Unimicron.

Compensation-Performance Link

The total compensation of an employee is determined based on the employee’s professional knowledge and skills, job mastery, academic background, work experience, and individual performance, all combined with the Company’s operating objectives to determine their overall compensation. There is no difference in salary regardless of gender, race, religion, political views, marital status, etc. To promote cohesion of the Company, in addition to the basic salary and annual salary adjustment, Unimicron also flexibly adjusts variable compensation according to the Company's operations and profit to improve morale and encourage outstanding employees.

To improve employees’ work performance, understand the capabilities, and work adaptability of the organization’s members, we perform two times of employee performance evaluations every year, so that supervisors can effectively feedback to subordinates through objective evaluations and continue to teach subordinates to improve their work capability, to achieve the department’s goal and the Company’s overall goal.

2022 Performance Evaluation
(Unit: People)

Term Category Taiwan Mainland China Total Ratio (%)
Male Female Male Female
Mid-Term Vice President 28 1 5 0 34 100%
Sr.Director 64 9 22 2 97 100%
Deputy Manager/Manager 789 192 75 4 1,060 100%
General 7,973 5,351 60 17 13,401 100%
End of Term Vice President 29 1 5 0 35 100%
Sr.Director 67 9 21 2 99 100%
Deputy Manager/Manager 827 210 81 4 1,122 100%
General 8,367 5,712 62 18 14,159 100%
Note 1: Evaluation subject: It refers to the permanent employees after the probation period is completed including Taiwan and overseas Taiwan cadres. Contract workers, rotating students, part-time workers and interns are not included in the evaluation.
Note 2: Those who have applied for resignation, those who have not been reinstated for leave without pay, and those who have been employed for less than 3 months in the assessment period do not need to participate in the assessment.
Note 3: The supervisor of the previous unit will assess those who have changed their positions for less than three months; otherwise, the supervisor of the current unit will assess those who have changed their positions for three months or more.

2022 Female and Male Employees’ Basic Salary Ratio

Region Taiwan Southern China-Shenzhen Eastern China-Suzhou Eastern China-Kunshan Central China-Huangshi
Category Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female
Vice President 1 1.08 - - - - - - - -
Sr.Director 1 0.99 - - - - - - - -
Deputy Manager/Manager 1 0.94 1 1.11 1 1.09 1 1 1 0.89
General 1 0.90 1 1.05 1 1.04 1 0.94 1 0.88

2022 Female and Male Employees’ Compensation Ratio

Region Taiwan Southern China-Shenzhen Eastern China-Suzhou Eastern China-Kunshan Central China-Huangshi
Category Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female
Vice President 1 1.91 - - - - - - - -
Sr.Director 1 0.99 - - - - - - - -
Deputy Manager/Manager 1 0.93 1 1.14 1 1 1 1 1 0.83
General 1 0.88 1 0.99 1 1.03 1 0.94 1 0.89
Note 1: The basic compensation is the basic monthly compensation, excluding the variable remuneration; compensation is the total annual salary. Statistics do not include expatriates because the senior executives (Sr.Director or higher) of the Mainland China Facilities are all-male Taiwanese.
Note 2: Because there are 25 male managers above the vice president level and only 1 female manager in Taiwan, there is a discrepancy in compensation.

2022 Starting Salary for Entry-level Personnel to Local Basic Salary Ratio

Region Ratio of Basic Salary for Unimicron’s General Employees Local Base Salary Ratio
Taiwan 1.02 1
Southern China-Shenzhen 1.00 1
Eastern China-Suzhou 1.58 1
Eastern China-Kunshan 1.41 1
Central China-Huangshi 1.66 1
Note: The basic salary includes the base salary and other allowances, excluding overtime pay. Basic salary is represented by region due to differences in each plant in Mainland China.

Compensation of Full-time Employees in Non-Management Positions

Item 2019 2020 2021 2022 2022 Compared to Previous Year
Total Full-Time Non-managerial Staff Numbered (People) 10,693 10,863 12,358 13,143 +6%
Average Compensation (NT$) 727,269 753,000 866,000 1,099,000 +27%
Median Compensation (NT$) 614,268 646,000 689,000 795,000 +15%
Note: Not include QunHong Technology Inc.

All Employee Benefits

Unimicron attaches great importance to the physical and mental balance of all employees. In the workplace, varieties of welfare systems are planned. In addition to providing various insurance benefits and pension fund contributions following local laws and regulations, it also provides group insurance that is superior to that required by law to ensure the safety of employees at work and in life, and dependents can be included in the plan at their own expense. In the past two years, due to the impact of the pandemic, health promotion activities have been appropriately adjusted to replace physical activities with online activities, such as health awareness advocacy, online health training and health/mental health seminars, which can still take care of the physical and mental health of employees in a timely manner.

Diversified Employee Benefits

  • Gifts and bonuses for the three major festivals
  • Birthday gift vouchers and subsidies for weddings and funerals provided by the Employee Welfare Committee
  • Employees’ dividend system
  • On-the-job education
  • Club subsidy
  • Pension contribution
  • Labor and health group insurance
  • Employee general health examination
  • Monthly meal allowance for employees’ restaurant
  • Established lactation rooms for female staff
  • Massage services provided by visually impaired masseurs
  • Free ultrasound, ophthalmoscope, and bone density screening
Bone Density Screening
Health Promotion Activities

2022 Benefit Measures Performance

Retirement Benefits Plan

Unimicron has, according to the statutory pension system, set aside pensions for each employee, and 100% of employees participate in the pension plan. According to the “Labor Standards Act” and the “Labor Pension Act” in Taiwan, employees who joined the Company before June 30, 2005 (inclusive) are entitled to the old pension seniority system. Unimicron deposits the escrow amount as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations, and commissions actuaries at the end of each year to conduct calculations and ensure that the retirement reserve appropriated is enough to satisfy and safeguard the rights and benefits of the employees’ future pensions.

Region Retirement Plan Pension Contribution Ratio Pension Participation Ratio
Taiwan Pension in the old system: Company Pension Account Employer 2%, Employee 0% 0.4%
Pension in the new system: Individual Pension Account Employer 6%, Employee 0~6% 99.6%
Mainland China Southern China Endowment Insurance (Employee’s Account) Employer 14~15% 100%
Eastern China Employer 13~16%, Employee 8% 100%
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