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Inclusive Workplace

Management Approach

Unimicron’s business locations can be found all over the world. In this highly competitive industry, talent is the key to a Company’s success in the global market. We support and respect the principles and spirit of the "International Labor Organization Tripartite Declaration of Principles," "United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights", "The United Nations Global Compact," and follow the "RBA Code of Conduct" and other related international norms, as well as the labor laws and regulations of the locations where our operations are located, the "Unimicron Labor Policy" is formulated and related measures are implemented to create a happy workplace and provide employees with a place where they can fully utilize their abilities.

Talent Recruitment and Retention

Human Resource Status

Unimicron adheres to the principles of fairness and diversified employment. In terms of recruitment, employment, evaluation, and promotion, employees of different age, gender, race, religion, political views, marital status, labor union affiliation, and backgrounds are treated fairly and equally, where the only considerations are finding the appropriate candidate for the appropriate position, and creating fair and diverse employment opportunities for all operation sites to promote local economic growth. In 2020, the total number of employees of Unimicron in Taiwan and Mainland China was 29,912. As industrial production is semi-automated, some processes still rely on manual and labor-intensive work, and workers in some operations are exposed to chemicals. Therefore, the proportion of male employees is higher than that of female employees. Additionally, foreign employees in Unimicron’s Taiwan Facilities are from the Philippines; as the Philippines is an English-speaking country, it is relatively easier to communicate. The educational background of most of the employees in our plants in Mainland China is below senior high school/occupational school mainly because 79% of employees of our plants in Mainland China are direct technical staff.

Employment Status

Talent Retention

2020 New Hires

Retention Plan

In terms of the management of departing employees, after the employee requests to resign, the relevant supervisor shall immediately interview the employee, and the Human Resources Department will conduct a one-on-one interview to understand the reasons for the employee's departure, and make work adjustments or care as needed. If the Company has major operational changes, the advance notice shall be given in accordance with the labor laws and regulations. Unimicron’s Taiwan Facilities comply with the “Labor Standards Act.” In Taiwan, notice should be given 10 to 30 days in advance based on length of service, whereas notice should be given 30 days in advance in our plants in Mainland China in accordance with the “Labor Contract Law”.

Employee Turnover Statistics

Regarding the turnover rate, through our management and planning, the turnover rate in Mainland China has been decreasing over the years in the past three years, which also shows that Unimicron's investment in human recruitment and retention has been recognized by employees and has retained outstanding talents for the Company, creating more productivity and value.

2020 Turnover Statistics

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