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Solid Corporate Governance

Ethical Corporate Management

Code of Conduct

Unimicron upholds the principle of compliance to operate the business, and has formulated the “Legal and Other Requirements Identification Procedure” and the “Guides to the US Antitrust Law.” In addition to regular inspections by the legal affairs unit, it also requires all business management units to conduct regular system reviews and improvements, and cooperate with the auditing operations of the audit unit to ensure full implementation of regulatory requirements. Under strict management, in 2020, Unimicron was never punished by a large fine (more than NT$1 million) by the competent authorities due to violation of regulations. There was no corruption and anti-competitive behavior-taking place in 2020.

Professional Ethics Guidelines

Unimicron has "Integrity Regulations" and "Professional Ethics Guidelines and Code of Conduct" for all employees, clearly set rules for the employment of relatives and associated suppliers, and upholds integrity in dealing with customers. Unimicron will also ensure the implementation of the mechanism through the following measures every year, and the relevant practices cover in Taiwan Facilities and Mainland China Facilities.

If employees find any violations of ethical management, they can submit an anonymous whistleblowing report or complaint to the Unimicron Audit Team or the Human Resources Department via telephone or suggestion box in accordance with the provisions of the Integrity Code. The undertaking unit will set up a special project team to investigate. If the whistleblowing report involves a director or senior executive, the undertaking unit shall report it to the independent director or supervisor of the Group. There were no integrity-related reporting cases received and no related corruption and bribery cases occurred in 2020.

Information Disclosure

In compliance with the regulations of the competent authorities, investors can access Company-related information through the Market Observation Post System. In addition to disclosing Unimicron’s basic information, technology R&D, and corporate social responsibility, the Company’s website also has an investor relations section, providing relevant documents and regulations on the Company’s financial information and corporate governance. We hold Institutional Investor Seminars every quarter to explain the consolidated financial results, operational status, and prospects of each quarter. We also provide relevant information and video recordings on the Company’s website and the "Market Observation Post System" for the reference of investors. The Company also communicates with investors through various investor meetings, overseas visits, and investor relations’ points of contact. In 2020, Unimicron participated in 15 external and self-organized Institutional Investor Seminars and participated in more than 200 institutional investor interviews and meetings.

None of material nature or penalties by competent authorities for major environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and Labor/management relations/human rights in 2020. In addition, all committed violations had been improved to ensure that none of its we are prone to risks of violation.

Training of Laws and Regulations

There are many integrity management regulations in Unimicron, and we hold relevant training courses every year. The Company also provides reminders of relevant regulations from time to time, and has a consultation channel so that the regulated objects can understand the laws and regulations and comply with them accordingly.

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