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Inclusive Workplace

Talent Cultivation

According to the needs of new employees, general employees, and management positions, Unimicron’s educational training system has planned different training structures. In addition to implementing an educational training plan, and based on the needs of operating strategies, we also design leadership and management relevant training for existing and potential leaders. Together with the planning for and execution of the rotation and promotion systems, Unimicron has managed to increase the number of potential talents. Facing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the persistence of pandemic prevention, Unimicron continues to stand firm and cultivate professional talents, and to respond immediately by expanding diversified learning methods and actively implementing digital transformation, building organizational strength, and enhancing competitiveness through practical actions.

In terms of the investment in education and training resources in 2020, the total amount of employee training totaled NT$ 12 million. Under the intensive supervisor training, 51% of personnel above the manager level are promoted internally, showing Unimicron’s effort in the cultivation and promotion of talents.

Employees’ Average Training Hours

2020 Employee Training Hours

A Comprehensive System for Employee Orientation Training

For new employees to be familiar with the environment, know their job content, and quickly adapt to the corporate culture, the designated training development unit shall hold regular pre-employment training for new employees, and the training frequency and hours shall be adjusted flexibly according to the actual needs. The pre-employment training is oriented towards six major aspects and amounts to a total of 12 hours. Besides, we also hold a series of courses for new employees, including statistical process control, seven techniques for problematic quality management, certification of professional licenses, and winning teamwork training. By holding dynamic competitions, Unimicron enables employees to understand the Company’s business philosophy, values, and goals, and to further connect their values to the team values.

Resources Invested for New Employee Trainings

Talent Development

Unimicron plans a comprehensive training system and career orientation, and provides multi-learning channels to give employees the opportunity to participate in cross-disciplinary and cross-technology project cooperation. The Company strengthens employee interaction, and employees can learn from each other through teamwork and brainstorming. A diverse, independent, high-quality learning culture is formed so that employees’ careers and work quality can be continuously improved, each employee is able to perform their duties to their best, and the productivity of individuals and the Company can be enhanced. We provide complete training resources for both direct and indirect employees, and plan training blueprints for the four major job categories, years of experience, and job functions. In addition to providing key training to employees at all levels according to the training blueprint, we also plan and execute courses across 5G technology fields and smart plants in response to industry needs, cultivating engineers’ capability with new technologies and ensuring effective transfer of knowledge and experience through various learning channels.

We regularly track data on the effectiveness of education and training, and review the effectiveness of training and employees’ learning through the Kirkpatrick Model and Human Capital ROI indicators, in order to continuously refine, respond to the rapid changes in the industry and accelerate employees’ improvement in functions. In 2020, the overall Human Capital ROI for training is 14.15. In 2021, we will continue to update our domestic and overseas e-learning systems to optimize the learning environment for our employees, with the aim of providing accurate and effective training to facilitate their progressive growth and development in their work, as well as to developing multiple functions and stimulating their potential.

Function Development Project

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