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Inclusive Workplace

Human Rights Management

To establish a culture of equality, tolerance, and open communication, Unimicron will continue to adhere to a fair and respectful attitude to implement labor policies and their spirit. We will also conduct relevant training to ensure respect for human rights. Unimicron believes that every person should be treated fairly and with respect and has publicly pledged its support for the “UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the “ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work”, “UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and “Responsible Business Alliance” to establish relevant regulations.

Human Rights Related Training

Industrial Relations Communication

Unimicron values its communication with employees and provides diverse communication channels for all employees so that they can give feedback or consult at any time. We also provide an exclusive e-mail address for anonymous appeals and complaints to assist employees in solving a wide range of problems and provide comprehensive assistance.

To understand the work and living conditions of expatriate employees in plants in Mainland China and to improve their retention rate, the Company conducts surveys 3 months and 18 months after their dispatch. In addition, a forum is held every quarter. In addition to solving issues related to living conditions, it invites department heads to participate in the forum, care for employees’ problems and suggestions regarding work and local life, and provide relevant assistance. With regard to employee feedback and questions, Unimicron invites relevant departments to respond and follow up on those cases. Taking Unimicron’s Taiwan Facilities as an example, in 2020, a total of 364 cases were formally submitted through the employee communication channel, while 359 cases were submitted in plants in Mainland China, and 100% of them have been solved. The contents of the appeal cases were mostly about the living/workplace, and the conditions have been improved and the responses sent back to the employees through the communication channel.

Unimicron currently has no labor union, but conducts bilateral communication by means of regular employer/employee meetings, and respects the right of all employees to participate in collective negotiation and peaceful gatherings. Upon conclusion, important matters and the advocated matters of the employer/employee meeting shall be sent to all units, so that each employee can accurately and simultaneously understand the Company’s latest policies and handling of related issues, all to enhance employees’ cohesion and professionalism.

Employees’ Feedback in 2020

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