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Solid Corporate Governance

Three Pillars and Seven Commitment of esg

In Response to SDGs

Through the materiality analysis process, we link and rank major issues and SDGs, distinguish three different levels, and identify 17 SDGs most relevant to Unimicron’s core operations to formulate sustainability commitments and goals. The highest level is those linked to the Company's core business and can meet the sustainability goals of SDGs through the formulation of management policies. The second is risk management, which aims to reduce the negative impact that the Company may have on global sustainable development in the course of its operations. Therefore, Unimicron has established a management and measurement mechanism to mitigate various potential impacts. Those SDGs that are not directly related to the Company's current development are defined as the lowest level but may evolve into Company-related sustainability issues in the future due to the development of the international situation, and therefore they will continue to be concerned. In addition, for the 6 SDGs related to Unimicron's core competencies, we further searched for the interrelationships between them to make the Company's resource investment more effective. In response to the 6 SDGs, Unimicron analyzed the SDGs relevant with Our Three Pillar X Seven Commitments to the investment of the resource more effectively.

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