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Healthy workplace

Health Promotion

Unimicron established the "Health Management Center" in 2014 in Taiwan, with the concept that prevention is more important than treatment. Through various health promotion activities and services, we implement Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), which care for the physical and mental health of each employee and create a friendly workplace where safe and happy work is done. In 2021, we have 21 full-time nurses and it has provided a total of 109,833 services, taking full care of employees' health issues in the workplace and non-workplaces, and protecting their physical and mental health. In addition, we awarded the "2021 Taoyuan Municipal Government Maternal Health and Care Alliance-Model Business Unit"

Health Management Center


2021 Appointment Physician On-site Service

Number of Occupational Specialists Employed

7 people

Number of Service Sessions

422 sessions

Total Service Hours

1,266 hours

Service Content

Employee health examination, health education, health consultation and evaluation, health promotion questionnaire, improvement of work hazards in the workplace environment, and evaluation of resumption of work/work assignment after injury or illness

2021 Performance in Taiwan

Special Protection

• 247 employees of maternal health care assessment
• 12,894 employees of ergonomic hazard prevention and control management
• 14,334 employees of overwork self-test evaluation
• 3.13% person who overwork are at high risk
• There are 0.65% of persons with ten-year cardiovascular disease prevention management
• A total of 158 person-times for the three hyper screening consultation
• 15,674 employees managed by COVID-19 prevention and control APP

Health Care

• 181 supervisors completed the supervisor health checkup
• 337 employees who participated in the four-cancer prevention and control screening
• 540 people who received free Ultrasound scan
• 3,989 people who received work assignments, resume work, and health consultation
• 422 of site inspections
• 816 employees who had been concerned for special operation
• 13,438 employees (100%) who completed regularly health examination
• 1,621 employees who were vaccinated against the flu this year

Health Promotion

• 3,354 of using onsite massage service
• 14,264 participants in health knowledge promotion
• 26,220 employees who completed online health course
• 1,121 participants in health/mental lecture
• 107 employees who used the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
• 699 employees who donated blood

2021 Performance in Mainland China

Special Protection

• 251 employees of maternal health care assessment
• 22 employees of ergonomic hazard prevention and control management
• 2,664 employees participated in overwork prevention health promotion activities
• A total of 287 person-times for the three hyper screening consultation
• 825 employees of cardiovascular disease prevention
• 8,052 employees of employees who joined coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention activity
• 560 employee care and self-protection

Health Care

• 451 supervisors had completed the supervisor health examination
• 120 people participate in the cancer prevention
• 542 employees who joined employee-friendly workplace activity
• 371 employees who received health consultant service
• 6,512 employees who completed regularly health examination
• 6,134 employees were vaccinated against the flu this year
• 1,800 visits to health stations
• 731 occupational health examinations
• 123 free clinic
• 402 medical examinations for women of childbearing age

Health Promotion

• 9,524 employees who joined health promotion activities
• 147 participants in health knowledge promotion
• 401 participants in the health/mental lecture
• 150 employees who donated blood

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

In 2021, Unimicron implemented the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and collaborated with Hsinchu Lifeline to provide employees with psychological, medical and financial planning services to show our employees that we care, to improve their physical and mental health, and to help them resolve issues that may affect their work performance. Each employee is entitled to two free-of-charge, one-on-one professional counseling sessions per year, and the Health Management Center will provide assistance for cases with special needs or in case of extraordinary events. In addition, appropriate training courses and seminars are held for different groups to take care of the physical and mental health of employees.

 • Proactive prevention and care:Sensitivity training and EAP service-related education training for the Health Management Center, the Human Resources Department and lower-level supervisors
• Sensitivity training courses for corporate staff and supervisors:Enhancing the communication skills of front-line contractors (e.g., nursing staff, employee relations managers/lower-level supervisors) to help in the assessment or immediate management of employee health problems
• Mental health seminars for employees:Providing mental health courses on various topics such as marriage management and communication, interpersonal/workplace communication and self-growth, focusing on issues that can affect employees’ work, life, and family.

Through the EAP online briefing and the distribution of the Chinese and English versions of cards promoting EAP services to employees, a total of 107 people used EAP services by the end of 2021 since its launch in August 2021. In the future, Unimicron will continue to care for the physical and mental health of employees through this program.

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