Product Development

It’s our target to know the needs of customer, marketing trend, keep on innovative researching, and to become a global company.

Our goal is devoting to develop and provide advanced technology to meet even surpass the current and next generation needs of customers. By benchmarking with international technology roadmaps, for kinds of future product needs, applying next generation development of advanced technology asap to create Intellectual Property, leading position, stability of technology. As a result, enhance competitive strength and fulfill our customers. Unimicron also makes great efforts in environmental friendly and low-cost processes. It’s our goal to build our core competence base on technology innovation and intellectual properties.

For PCB SBU R&D technologies are listed below:

Fine line process, Low Dk /Df dielectric material and Copper filled via .In addition, there are also new products in the field of. Our patent counts and technology capability in these areas are all in positions among the world leaders.

  • Rigid-Flex PCB
  • High Reliability Automobile PCB
  • Micro-LED PCB
  • Fine pitch Connector PCB

For IC Carrier SBU R&D technologies are listed below:

  • Ultra -fine pitch circuit
  • Ultra fine bump pitch uball
  • Cu pillar technology
  • Coreless technology

Ultra fine pitch circuit

HVM capability for SAP technology is LW/LS 9/12μm. 7/8μm qualification are on the way and We are improving it toward 4/6μm. Embedded trace is capable for 10/10μm HVM and 5/5μm is under developing. The MESA process is HVM with 20/20μm and 17/17μm sample qualification is on the way. The PSAP HVM capability is 12/12μm and 9/12 μm is under developing.

Ultra fine bump pitch

The uball technology was developed to meet FC substrate’s fine bump pitch requirements and is now in mass production for 110μm bump pitch. The Sample for 90/100μm bump pitch qualification is on the way and the Cu pillar technology for future 80μm or lower bump pitch platform is under developing.


The Coreless technology provides solution for multilayers super thin substrates and better signal integrity performance. Currently, 2~3 layers platforms have been qualified and in HVM now. For 4 layers or 5+1B, 6+1B flexible layer counts platform are also available to support sample and qualification.