Training and Developing

System of Talents Cultivation

In year of 2008, Unimicron has first awarded with Golden Honor of Taiwan Talent Quality-management System( TTQS) by the Ministry of Labor. To shape our culture of leaning, to sustain the organizational structure and Unimicron esg value, multiple trainings are provided to develop employees’ competencies.

General Trainings

To share common working know-how, our newbies are required to attend general trainings.

Trainings of Quality

Quality is extremely important in Unimicron. Trainings of quality are arranged gradually by ones’ levels. The employees are also expected to put the concept of quality adherence in their work after trainings.

Technical Trainings

Technical trainings are designed based on levels of employees.

Training system of Internal Trainers

Talents are important assets of Unimicron. Therefore, we aimed on cultivating and certificating internal trainers on our own. To establish models, we also welcome our selected star Trainers share their training experience.

Multiple Training Resource

To establish learning culture, we believe a distinguishing learning workplace higher employees’ wiliness of learning. Our training resources are reviewed and adjusted routinely. Flexible learning platforms are provided as in classrooms or on UMTC E-Leaning system. Classes are designed with considerations of industrial trends. Employees are encouraged to exchange ideas toward seminars and meetings as well.