Technical Cooperation

Create customer satisfaction  and trust

In order to provide leading edge products, Unimicron keeps close cooperative relationships with 1st tier materials and equipment suppliers. High-end materials and sophisticated equipments are always considered in new product development process.Unimicron also participates in various new product and technology development projects from domestic and world-leading research institutes. There are cooperative projects with research institutes like IZM in Germany and Georgia Institute of Technology in USA for their Panel Level Fan-out and 3D Systems Packaging consortiums, respectively, to develop new technologies and new products. For universities like National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National ChiaoTung University, National Central University, Unimicron also helps to fund some advanced research projects, especially the one in Tsing Hua University for a multi-year Industrial-academic research program. We also cowork with our industrial partners to develop new products that fit customer and market needs. Through dedicated R&D resources and effective communication, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Kick-off of an Industrial-academic research program in Tsing Hua University.

Participation in IZM Germany’s R&D consortium.

Georgia tech packaging research center.