Unimicron donated a fire service vehicle to Hsinchu City Fire Department.

In consideration of the needs, we donated a four-wheel-drive disaster investigation vehicle to the Fire Department to enhance the effectiveness of disaster prevention and relief, and to pay tribute to the firefighters.

Since 1990, Unimicron has been established for 31 years. Through the joint training with the Hsinchu County Fire Department, as well as the exchange of new knowledge and professional skills in firefighting, we have not only improved our response and disaster rescue capabilities but also created a safe workplace environment.

In appreciation of the hard work and sacrifice of firefighters during the epidemic, Unimicron donates a four-wheel-drive disaster investigation vehicle to the Hsinchu Fire Department that improves the ability of the fire department staff on duty.

Unimicron will continue to actively respond to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG 8) to create a safe and secure work environment, cooperate with stakeholders, and implement the three pillars of "Planet, People, and Performance" and the seven corporate sustainability commitments.