Unimicron awarded thanks certification by Chengjheng High School, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice.

As a member of the corporate citizenship, Unimicron annually donates the surplus of the Sunrise Charity Convenience Store to the public through the China Youth Care Association, and sponsor the Chengjheng School to set up baking classes, so that juvenile delinquent teenagers can gain their skills. Plan for the future and prepare for return to life. Principal Chen believes that the government, non-profit organizations and enterprise will make joint efforts to enrich their educational resources and complete the counsel period to help them return to the right path. When they reintegrate into society, they can reduce the incidence of discrimination and eliminate them with "daily in jail, life-long jail" impression, thereby reducing the recidivism rate and avoiding the increase of related social costs. Chengjheng School has repeatedly affirmed the contribution of Unimicron social welfare, and awarded a thanks certificate of appreciation.