2017 Unimicron Healthy Running in Shimen

On 5th June, 2017, Unimicron held the 4th annual road running activity in Shimen Reservoir. There were almost 500 participants joining this activity. Unimicron believes this activity can improve employees' health, family relationship and the internal cohesion of the company.

General Manager Andy Huang, Sr. Director Alice Jan and other managers also joined this event. In Andy Huang's speech, he delivered two major messages of finding work & life balance and physical & mental health enhancement. He emphasized that exercise helps our body stay in good condition and release stress as well. Moreover, this event welcomes family members to join and good for family gathering and relationship.

To encourage the family members of Unimicron to participate, there were two groups of running in this event including competition team as well as leisure group. For competition group, when all competitors made a dash for the race, it was like a flock of antelope rushing out of the starting line. For leisure group, family members supported each other and enjoyed the most beautiful scene in the world.

What's different from before is that, this year Unimicron invited sport clubs to join, at the same time, displaying their activities and achievements. Also, the club members designed a special adventure activity to attract staffs and their family. Through the whole morning, with the exciting competition and interesting activities, everyone had so much fun and wonderful memories!