Unimicron was selected as a constituent of the " TIP Taiwan Environmental Sustainability 50 Index " in 2022

With a stable business philosophy, Unimicron has been selected as a constituent stock of the TIP Taiwan Environmental Sustainability 50 Index by the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) this year, showing that the operational performance and friendly environmental performance.

Based on the constituent stocks of the TIP Taiwan Environmental Sustainability Index, the TIP Taiwan Environmental Sustainability 50 Index is constituted by the Taiwan Index Plus Corporation using public information such as sustainability reports, annual reports, and government information to select the best stocks from the "Taiwan Sustainability Ratings: Environmental Sustainability Module ". The 50 Index with high market capitalization is selected from the electronics, manufacturing (non-electronics), service, and financial industries to recognize the investment performance of environmentally friendly and representative stock portfolios.

The "Taiwan Sustainability Assessment" model is linked with the mainstream international trend of sustainability assessment standards. Through a systematic model, it examines whether companies have set an appropriate ESG sustainability vision, developed corresponding strategies and goals, and taken actions to enhance the effectiveness of sustainable development and fulfill their corporate social responsibility through the four major components (SEED): social (S), economic (E), environmental (E), and disclosure (D).

To further strengthen the spirit of corporate sustainability, we have formulated a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy with “Planet, People, and Performance” as the three pillars, along with seven commitments. Also, gradually implement the corporate vision of a world-class, high-tech Company with high benefits, high quality, high productivity, and an emphasis on innovative service. We will implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 and Goal 17 to create an equitable, safe and stable employment and development environment while creating positive value for employees, shareholders, and stakeholders.

Note 1:The “Taiwan Sustainability Ratings: Environmental Sustainability Module” annually assess overall performances of companies conducting business activities in areas of environmental sustainability, particularly on Environmental system and governance, Air and Water Management, Energy and Climate change, Material and Waste management, Biodiversity, Suppliers and Product life cycle management, and measure major events. It is an ESG evaluation system developed by TIP and the Center for Corporate Sustainability from the College of Business at National Taipei University (NTPU). Center for Corporate Sustainability includes researchers and professionals from academics (NTPU) and NGO (Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, TAISE).
Note 2:More information about the TIP Taiwan Environmental Sustainability Index, please refer to the website of Taiwan Index Co., Ltd. :