Unimicron donated firefighting equipment and a fire service vehicle to Taoyuan City Fire Department.

Since 1990, Unimicron has been established for 31 years. In response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG 8) to create a safe and secure working environment, we have donated firefighting equipment to the Taoyuan City Fire Department to thank our firefighters.

In appreciation of the hard work and sacrifice of firefighters during the epidemic, Unimicron donates a fire department vehicle, firefighting clothes and pants, Diphoterine and, Hexafluorine to the Taoyuan Fire Department, in the hope of helping the fire department staff on duty.

“Thanks to the dedication of the Taoyuan City Government and the hard work of colleagues in the Fire Department,” the executive president of Unimicron, Mr. ChiaPin Lee said," Unimicron has upgraded its occupational safety department. In addition, we will continue to replace some of the old pipes in the factory, improve fireproofing materials, improve the quality of technological disaster prevention and adjust safety regulations to create a safe workplace and strive to become an environmentally friendly and productive enterprise.”

We have formulated a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy with “Planet, People, and Performance” as the three pillars, along with seven commitments. In the future, Unimicron will continually adhere to promote the three main social welfare pillars of local participation, caring for the disadvantaged, and diversity and equality.