Unimicron awarded Certificate of Appreciation by Dun Pin High School, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice.

As a member of the corporate citizenship, Unimicron annually donates the surplus of the Sunrise Charity Convenience Store to the teenagers through the China Youth Care Association from 2014, so that juvenile delinquent can gain their skills and plan to reintegrate into society.

In response to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 “Ensure inclusive and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”, we donate the surplus of the Sunrise Charity Convenience Store to Dun Pin High School to develop character, knowledge and skills education, strengthen life education, and provide all students with probation education to have equal, high-quality educational opportunities.

Dun Pin High School believes that the government, non-profit organizations and enterprises are joining together that could enrich their educational resources and complete the counsel period to help them return to the right path. It could reduce the discrimination, impression of "daily in jail, life-long jail" and recidivism rate when they reintegrate into society. Dun Pin High School has repeatedly affirmed the contribution of Unimicron social welfare, and awarded a thanks certificate of appreciation.

In the future, Unimicron will continually adhere to the principle of "taking from society and giving back to society," combining internal and external resources of the group and cooperating with stakeholders, to actively promote the three main social welfare pillars of local participation, caring for the disadvantaged, and diversity and equality. The Company hopes to exert positive social influence, drive continuous progress of the society, bring warmth to more people, and exert influence that is more positive.