Unimicron promotes the Epidemic Prevention Plan with digital technology and support the "Solid Security Plan" of the Taoyuan City Government

In response to the impact of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in 2020, Unimicron has established the group-level Unimicron Committee of Disease Control (UCDC) with Executive President Chia Pin Lee as the commander, and instructed the six units to carry out epidemic prevention work by their authority and responsibility to take care of the health of all employees and ensure continuity of operations and customer services.

Unimicron has set up the “Guidelines for Unimicron COVID-19 Prevention Plan ", which developed contingency plans such as visitor entry procedures, route planning, split operations, and emergency response planning. We also set up the temperature sensor, held virtual conferences, prepared the oximetry at the plans and dormitories, and developed Uni life APP so that employees can quickly access government epidemic prevention news, epidemic prevention knowledge, internal epidemic prevention announcements, abnormal temperature notification process in Chinese and English; also, it can conveniently fill out health declarations and body temperature twice a day, to strengthen the epidemic prevention energy of all employees.

To provide better health care for migrant workers, we fully support the "Solid Security Plan" of the Taoyuan City Government, implement split operations, cooperate with medical institutions to set up screening stations, and properly plan the testing process. By the end of June 2021, the Group and its subsidiaries will have completed the fast screening test for all migrant workers, and all tests with a negative result.

In the post-epidemic period, Unimicron will actively respond to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3, implement epidemic prevention strategies with stakeholders, and strengthen the healthcare management of all employees with a rigorous attitude and solid actions to build a resilient enterprise.