Students from Hsing-Fu Junior High School , visited and participated the course of "urban technological agriculture and circular economy"

In order to promote pollution-free diet and advocate the importance of diet to health, Unimicron has designed a series of courses in addition to its own development of non-toxic hydroponic technology, hoping that the public can have a deeper understanding of the concept of health through course experience and practice. Because of that, Unimicron invited Hsing-Fu Junior High School’s students to participate in the urban science and technology agriculture experience course to appreciate the diversity of plant planting methods and the fun of the growth process. The course design focuses on the lively and wonderful content analysis, and carries out the practical experience under the guidance of professional lecturers' instructions and practice, so that students can understand the importance of plant growth and environmental protection. We arrange students to visit the plant production area, so that the new plant cultivation method can replace the traditional soil tillage, and lead students' unlimited creative ideas. Finally, let the students take back the self-planted vegetable seedlings and containers for further care, and continue to spread the concept of health and non-toxic.