Unimicron hold the Xin'an Safety & health family inauguration meeting at HF plant.

Unimicron fulfills its corporate social responsibility and continues to create shared value (CSV). On the morning of August 28, 2020, the establishment meeting of the Xin'an Safety and health Family in Hsinchu County was held. Under the guidance of the Hsinchu County Government, and witnessed by the Occupational Safety Administration of the Ministry of Labor and the Safety and Health Technology Center of the Consortium, Unimicron HF plant served as the core enterprise of the Xin'an Safety and health family in Hsinchu County, supporting the government's continuous implementation of occupational safety and health in the local area In order to improve the overall occupational safety and health management performance, we will build a joint learning and guidance platform with 26 surrounding companies based on the model of large factories leading small factories. During the inaugural meeting, Unimicron Chairman Zeng Zizhang stated that Unimicron's Hejiang plant, located in Zhongli Industrial Zone, established the Xinxing Co-Prosperity and Security Family in Taoyuan in the Republic of China in 2012. At that time, 36 companies participated enthusiastically. The HFplant established a second safety and health family in Hsinchu County. It is believed that it can uphold the past operating experience, and cooperate with the company to establish a corporate safety culture based on the principle of mutual assistance and mutual benefit, and to avoid occupational disasters.