Mr. Tenfens Huang, senior manager of Unimicron, was awarded the "outstanding volunteer" of the year and praised by the Fire Department of Taoyuan municipal government

Taoyuan Mayor Zheng and Fire Department Secretary Xie thanked those who have made outstanding contributions to fire services, and held a fire festival celebration meeting at disaster prevention education center in Taoyuan fire training center in the morning of January 17. At the meeting, senior manager of Unimicron – Tenfens Huang was praised and awarded. The senior manager of Unimicron - Tenfens Huang has long been concerned about fire affairs, and fire units to maintain close interaction, and on behalf of Unimicron as Taoyuan City Fire Association consultant, in addition to participation in the Association's affairs, to help promote disaster prevention advocacy education and condolences to fire colleagues spare no effort. And in the capacity of the Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA) Environmental Safety Committee convenor, actively promote TPCA / TPCF (Taiwan Circuit Board Environmental Public Welfare Foundation) to jointly donate fire, rescue vehicles and disaster relief equipment, outstanding contribution, won the 108th annual "excellent fire volunteer" award.