Unimicron awarded the "2018 Supplier Sustainability Award" by ASE Group

The domestic semiconductor giant ASE Group held the "2018 Supplier Awards Ceremony" at the Kaohsiung Hanshen Dome on 2019/03/14, and presented the "Supplier Sustainability of the Year" for the performance of suppliers in CSR. Management Award". Unimicron is committed to continuous and stable management, value chain circular economy development, and multi-party interaction with customers, employees and society as the main strategy. The selection process has been recognized by scholars and experts, and has stood out in the competition and won the "2018 supply Sustainability Award” honor Unimicron practice the corporate social responsibility. In addition to incorporating sustainable development into its business philosophy, it further renews its commitment to sustainable development, becomes an industry standard, and continues to create and coexist for sustainable shared value.