Unimicron sponsors 2018 3rd Green Awards Public...

Unimicron responded to the “Green Award” sponsorship project initiated by UMC to jointly support meaningful environmental protection actions to implement corporate social responsibility practices. Through the interactive platform constructed by the "Green Award", scholars, experts, conservationists and enterprises can exchange and share resources and work together to maintain the ecology of Taiwan.

The 3rd Green Awards Ceremony was held at 2018 / 12 / 21 at the National Taipei University of Science and Technology, which was recognized by the World Green University. In total, the Republic of China Wilderness Conservation Association's "Taiwan's four-part conservation, investigation, environmental education and promotion program", Taiwan's Butterfly Conservation Society's "Long Butterfly Travel - Butterfly Migration Project", Taiwan Wetland Protection Alliance "In the moonlight, the mother of the crabs - the Kaohsiung Coastal Crab Survey and Education Promotion Program", the "Shenai Elephant Trunk Rock and Recreational Guardian Project" of the Keelung Wild Bird Society and the "Civil Citizens Foundation" in Haitian In order to plant a seed plan to protect the ocean, a total of five projects were favored by the jury.

The award-winning environmental protection charity group was awarded and the funds were donated to the above-mentioned public welfare groups to implement the award-winning plan. The Green Award Initiative UMC also gave a certificate of appreciation to the enterprise group that enthusiastically supported this event and sponsored it and was accepted by the senior project manager of the corporate sustainable team Tenfens Huang.