The Unimicron convenient store supports Chengjheng High School

With the esg approaching, Unimicron helps Zhonghua Youth Care Association by the idea of "Give them fish rods, teach them how to fish, instead of giving them a fish", and creates shard value, sharing among companies, employees, social enterprises and its recipients. Since its opening in 2014, Unimicron has encouraged employees to spend money on consumer goods to help the disable institution and social welfare units and also to help provide the single-parent families and rehabilitation for the youths, including Chengjheng High School.

Chengjheng High School educates students under the age of 18 to correct their bad habits, so the students can continue to complete the basic knowledge, at the same time learning a variety of skills to restart their social life, which meets the purpose of Zhonghua Youth Care Association. So, since 2014 the school has got financial assistance from Unimicron convenient store for their skills in baking food. Principal H.M Yen visited Unimicron on Dec. 9 and presented a "Thank you Award". In the meanwhile, the General Manager Andy Huang expressed the company's vision of promoting esg and social welfare, and Principle H.M Yen also affirmed the dedication of the company in the care of the young people. Both parties are looking forward to continuing to promote the esg in the future.