Unimicron won one「Silver Award」 and two 「Bronze Awards」 from The 29th National QCC Campaign

The 29th National QCC Campaign was held in International Convention Center Kaohsiung from November 16 to 18, 2016. Total 106 teams participated in the competition, and Unimicron won one Silver award and two Bronze awards. Hejiang II Plant team was comprised of the Manufacturing department, and the subject was "Reducing scrap rate of copper plating process". It is an important issue about profit improvements, the team took more than half year to prepare and finally won "the Silver Award". Another two teams were from Shanying Plant and Chungyuan Plant. Both of them raised the yield rate and working efficiency of production line by Lean / Six Sigma methods, as well as obtained "the Bronze Award".

Our team conquered all problems and significantly contributed to work by scientific thinking, brain storming and team-approach. These were excellent role models towards staffs of Unimicron. The activity gathered all outstanding QCC teams from various types of organizations together, as an effective platform and benchmark for information exchange and experience sharing among team members. Through this activity, our team members learned quality improvement examples, methods and tools for future success in his /her work life. Continuous improvement in quality is an endless process to enhance the competitiveness of Unimicron. QCC activities help all employees to improve their quality and performance without doubt. We will continuously promote QCC activities in the future.